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    Posted on 13 Jul 2017

    People Have Been Revealing The Worst Ways Others Fuck Up Their Names

    What's the worst way someone's messed up your name?

    Over the past few days, a new Twitter trend has seen folks from around the world joking about the many ways their names are insulted when they first meet someone.

    "What's your name?" Nyle "Nice to meet you, Kyle! It's Nyle "Ooh! Like the Nile River??!" Nvm 😠

    And with the amazingly unique variety of names that we are home to, it wasn't long before Indians too started venting their frustrations.

    "What's your name?" "Medha" "Oh nice that's such an uncommon name" "Yes kinda" "So, Mita.." *headdesk*

    As it turns out, we are experts at ruining identities. Some people have had to deal with Bollywood fucking them over forever.

    "what's your name?" "Aditi" "Hey aditi has de, has de, has de , has de tu jara "

    "What's your name" "Rahul" "Haan naam to suna he"😑

    "What's your name?" "Akshay" "Hum hain seedhe saade Akshay"

    "What's your name?" "Kartik" "Karthik Calling Karthik?"

    "What's your name?" "Sameer" "Like Sameeeeerrrr. Hawa ka jhonkaaa.."

    Some have had to deal with celebrities getting dibs on their identities.

    "Whats your name" "Pooja" "Ohh tum Dhinchak Pooja ko jaanti ho?"

    "what's your name?" "Sunil" Gavasakar? "Kaash Gavasakar he hota" 😞

    And some have just had to deal with awful jokes.

    "What's your name" "Purva" "As in poor in Bihari?"

    "What's your name" "Kalyani" "Haha like what tomorrow means or yesterday means?

    " what's your name?" "Minal" " kaunsa nal?" 😑

    Of course, there are also some names even we haven't been able to ruin yet.

    "What's your name?" "Aditya" "Cool."

    But, basically, pay attention and be nice the next time someone introduces themselves to you.

    "what's your name?" "Rohit" Sees me a week later "Hi Rohan kaisa Hai? "That's not my name" "oh sorry Rahul, wh…

    It's not that hard, really.


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