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28 Struggles All Australian-Indian Girls Definitely Went Through Growing Up

Getting teased for wearing henna but now it's ~festival fashion~.

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7. Your friends served meat pies, sausage rolls, and fairy bread at birthday parties but you were all about the samosas.

And those sweet, sweet jalebis.


8. When you wanted to go to the beach with your friends, you had to pack a cardigan or wide-brimmed hat to avoid being yelled at.

10. For your family, the time of year for present-giving was Diwali or Vaisakhi.

but on diwali i get so much raw cash its better than presents

Christmas Day? You sat at home and did nothing while your friends were having a family lunch at the beach.


20. You wanted to get your nose pierced to look edgy and cool, but really it just made you look more Indian.

Gonna pierce my nose for my 18th birthday idc how indian I'll look IDC IDC IDC

At least you can authentically rock the nose chain on your wedding day!

23. You also got teased for having thick brows, even though now they're a makeup trend.

Thank goodness you didn't thin them down in the '00s like everyone else.


26. Once you hit the age of 18, you constantly had to hide from taxi drivers on the way home from the club.

20th Century Fox

Every Indian knows every Indian and they will FOR SURE tell your mum about what a mess you were.

27. Calling every brown adult “uncle” or “aunty” was totally normal.

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From the uncle who worked with your nana in Uganda, to the lady who came from the same Punjabi village as your mum.