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    30 Amazing Things To Buy At The Urban Outfitters Summer Sale

    Up to 70% off!

    1. A floral bomber jacket.

    2. A wall mirror with jewelry storage.

    3. A t-shirt dress.

    4. An elephant tea mug.

    5. A printed romper.

    6. A low cut bathing suit.

    7. A set of sea shell cup floats.

    8. A pair of beach shorts.

    9. A red and white printed rug.

    10. A shirt with a choker.

    11. A pair of sunglasses.

    12. A lace bandeau.

    13. A set of Kimoji stickers.

    14. A choker necklace.

    15. A duvet set with tassels.

    16. A high-neck lace bandeau.

    17. A long romper with cutouts.

    18. A suede snap journal.

    19. An off-shoulder blouse.

    20. A pair of strappy sandals.

    21. A patterned tapestry.

    22. A butterfly ring.

    23. A pair of jogger pants.

    24. A pair of pool slides.

    25. A stripped midi dress.

    26. A crossbody wallet.

    27. A pair of jelly shoes.

    28. A black leather skirt.

    29. A red tank top.

    30. A white lace romper.