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July 2, 2017

Nothing Will Emotionally Fuck You Up As Much As "Toy Story" Does

"As the years go by, our friendship will never die."

The Government Has Been Told To Urgently Mend Its "Broken Relationship" With British Muslims

A landmark report on Britain's Muslim communities in public life – from a commission led by the government's former top lawyer – calls on ministers to look again at counter-radicalisation and integration strategies.

How Anti-Abortion Groups Are Educating The Public — And Exhausting The Opposition

Anti-abortion advocates and lobbyists draft and distribute repetitive abortion-restricting legislation to “educate” or to “exhaust” the public, depending on who you ask.

14 Ways To Save On The Wedding Of Your Dreams

Cut out the middle men. You've got this.



Build A Boy Band And We'll Guess Your Age

Boy bands will always be in style.

歴史的大敗を喫した自民党本部の長い夜 なかなかつけられなかった赤い花


Pick Out An Outfit And We'll Guess How You're Spending Your Summer

Life isn't perfect, but your outfit can be.

11 Vacation Homes That Will Make Kids Yell, "HOLY SHIT!" And Then Get Grounded

Make your next family vacation beyond extraordinary.

We Can Guess Your Age By What Annoys You On Tinder

Obviously it's all annoying, but what makes you swipe left the hardest?

Design An Apartment In 10 Steps And We'll Reveal What Pet You Should Adopt

Not everyone wants an apartment, but everyone wants a pet!

14 Tweets About Having A ~Summer Body~ That Will Make You LOL And/Or Slow Clap

"This is my summer body — because I have a body, and it is summer."

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Low-Key Jealous

"I killed a great white shark"

27 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Being In Culinary School

Oh, you have the flu? LOL. Get to class!

This Is For You If You Sweat Too Damn Much

Let's talk about S-W-E-A-T baby.

Keep Your Cool During Cookout Season With These 4 Spiked Lemonades

When life gives you lemons... spike them!

「都議会のドン」後継の27歳女性 敗戦の弁で「国会議員は情けない」と批判


If These 28 Products Don't Help You Stay Organized, Nothing Will

Get an A+ in type A. The products in this post were updated in July 2018.

26 Places People Can't Go To Without Wanting To Have Sex

From grocery stores to 17th century castles, here are actual places that put people in the ~mood~.

27 Beauty Products That Will Literally Make You Feel Cool AF

"I enjoy melting into a puddle of my own sweat," said no one ever.



27 Things That Were Cool In 2008 But Aren’t At All Today

Grab your white MacBook and put on your bright red Wayfarers 'cause we're going back to the late-'00s!

15 Tips And Tricks That'll Help You Stay Hydrated All Summer Long

Tried and tested by BuzzFeed readers — water you waiting for?

9 Facts About The Fourth Of July That Are Totally And Completely True

Thanks internet, for teaching us something new.

20 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A clay mask, calzone press, a set of 16 long-lasting liquid lipsticks, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

President Trump Just Tweeted A Video Of Himself Beating Up CNN

The clip is from Trump's 2007 appearance at WrestleMania.

Michael Gove Says It's Wrong For People Who Don't Go To University To Pay For Those Who Do

His comments came after one of Theresa May's closest allies hinted that the debate over tuition fees could be reopened. Labour's manifesto promised to scrap them.

19 Wholesome Boyfriends Who Are So Damn Pure It'll Make You Smile

:Sends to boyfriend as a way to drop hints:.

9 Longreads You Need In Your Life Right Now

The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK over the last month.

J'ai arrêté de manger du sucre pendant 30 jours et voilà ce qui s'est passé

Pas de sucres ajoutés, pas d'édulcorants artificiels, pas de faux sucre, pas de miel, pas d'agave, pas de sirop, pas de joie.

Crash de la Germanwings: Andreas Lubitz n'était pas dépressif, selon un rapport

BuzzFeed News a pu consulter un rapport d'expert commandé par la famille Lubitz ainsi que les dossiers de l'enquête sur le crash du vol Germanwings 4U9525.

Être lesbienne à 20 ans vs à 30 ans

«Envie de faire une sieste et de revoir Bound ensuite?»

13 moyens de contraception qui ont bel et bien existé

Vous préférez mettre de la crotte de crocodile dans votre vagin ou avaler du mercure?

Do You Love Harry Potter As Much As These Superfans?

Celebrating 20 years of Hogwarts.

【激ムズ】アラサーにしか解けない! #青春のヒップホップクイズ


The Judge In The Brock Turner Sexual Assault Case Defended Himself In An Anti-Recall Letter

In a statement filed late Friday, Judge Aaron Persky does not specifically mention Brock Turner, but defends his sentencing decisions.

Which Vegetarian Food Must Go?

Don't worry, it's just a quiz. They can all stay.

Utah's "Zion Curtain" Is Coming Down, And Bars Are Celebrating

The cost of beer, wine and spirits, however, is going up.

Disneyland Is Getting Rid Of The "Wench For A Bride" Auction Scene In The Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride

The women will now carry jewels, art work, and furniture next to a sign that instructs them to "Surrender yer Loot."



Police Searching For Men Who Left Female Friend To Die At The Scene Of A Crash

The men allegedly fled after pulling her from the wreckage and leaving her on a footpath.

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