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    9 Facts About The Fourth Of July That Are Totally And Completely True

    Thanks internet, for teaching us something new.

    1. The Fourth of July serves as a reminder of what our country has gone through for independence.

    Dad, why do we celebrate 4th of July? Well son, it celebrates our defeating the aliens that blew up the White House after Will Smith attac

    @Reverend_Scott / Via Twitter: @Reverend_Scott

    2. And we've gone through a lot.

    @BradPaisley / Via

    3. Did you know Toby Keith decides how much freedom the United States can have at any given time?

    If Toby Keith sees his shadow on the 4th of July, we get 6 more weeks of freedom

    @Playing_Dad / Via Twitter: @Playing_Dad

    4. The Fourth of July isn't just celebrated in the United States.

    @SimonJCLeBON / Via Twitter: @Playing_Dad

    5. And you know that American flag you hold in all your Fourth of July pics? The number of stars and stripes actually mean something.

    Ellen Degeneres / Via

    6. Technically we only celebrate the Fourth of July every 3 years.

    Happy Independence Day, America! I'm really glad it's not one of those Leap Years where we don't have 4th of July.

    Stephen Colbert / Via Twitter: @StephenAtHome

    7. At the stroke of midnight, all Americans suddenly turn red, white, and blue for the next 24 hours.

    8. If you were born in America, then you are legally required to celebrate the Fourth of July even if you're in another country.

    9. And finally, patriotism for the United States is actually considered medically contagious.

    Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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