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This Is What The Cast Of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Look Like Now

The horror movie turns 20 this year.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt (Julie James)

Fun Fact: Hewitt's infamous "What are you waiting for?!" scene wasn't originally scripted. According to Hewitt, it happened because a fan had won the opportunity to visit the set and choose something for one of the actors to do. When the fan suggested that Hewitt spin around in the street and scream the line, the actress replied, “You want me to what?! How am I going to look like a normal person doing that?”

Ryan Phillippe (Barry Cox)

Fun Fact: Phillippe considers I Know What You Did Last Summer and Cruel Intentions as the marking of the end of his youth. "I made Cruel Intentions when I was 23, and I did I Know What You Did Last Summer when I was 21 or 22," he told Variety. "[Then] I went straight into marriage and kids."


Bridgette Wilson (Elsa Shivers)

Fun fact: Although Wilson has mostly stayed out of the spotlight for the last decade (the photo on the right is from 2009), she married tennis star Pete Sampras in 2000 and has two children with him.