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    18 Tumblr Posts About Summer That Are Way Too Funny And True

    "I'm sweaty and upsetty."

    1. This expectation vs. reality:

    2. This weird thing your body decides to do:

    3. And this sleep struggle:

    4. This very specific but very accurate summer problem:

    5. This realisation:

    6. This to-do list:

    7. This ~aesthetic~:

    8. This tragedy:

    9. This sticky situation:

    10. This relatable financial issue:

    11. This appreciation for an absolute banger:

    12. This rhyme that says it all:

    13. This nice idea that doesn't pan out:

    14. This difference that one month makes:

    15. This issue with summer clothes:

    16. This slight problem when you want to make plans:

    17. This truth about music in summer:

    18. And this excuse that works year-round: