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27 Things That Were Cool In 2008 But Aren’t At All Today

Grab your white MacBook and put on your bright red Wayfarers 'cause we're going back to the late-'00s!

1. Emailing Christian Bale and Kermit the Frog comparison memes to your friends.

2. Debating whether pirates or ninjas would win in a battle.

3. Hologram technology and stunts using holograms.

4. Owning a BlackBerry just for BBM.

5. Having a Flip Video HD camera on you at all times.

6. Borrowing your friend's iPhone just to play Rolando.

7. Anytime Spaghetti Cat appeared on The Soup.

8. Having a colorful digital camera with at least 8 megapixels.

9. Updating your Facebook status CONSTANTLY.

10. Decorating your Facebook page with bumper stickers:

11. Answering Honesty Box questions.

12. Being "in the know" about Myspace Secret Shows.

13. Talking about Michael Phelps’s diet.

14. Putting bacon on EVERYTHING.

15. Saying "Should have put on a ring on it" (even if it didn't fit the conversation).

16. Being excited about Justin Timberlake cameos on SNL.

17. Watching dating shows on MTV.

18. Owning several pairs of very colorful Wayfarer sunglasses.

19. Carrying around a portable DVD player whenever you went on trips.

20. Being really into vampires.

21. Owning a white MacBook.

22. Playing with PhotoBooth and overusing that Andy Warhol-esque filter.

23. The Mac vs. PC commercials.

24. Saying "I saw it on Perez."

25. Thinking Corey Worthington was cool.

26. Screaming like Bill O’Reilly.

27. And finally, being amused if you were rickrolled.