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    19 Things That Will Make Any Impatient Person Scream Their Fucking Head Off

    I know you can't WAIT to read this.

    1. Fast food restaurants that should be named slow food restaurants.

    2. Anytime you're on hold over 5 minutes.

    3. Trying to get somewhere early only to be surrounded by people who don't know how to drive.

    4. Trying to keep good news a secret.

    5. People talking too much when you're just trying to get off the phone.

    Me waiting for my mom to stop talking & hang up after i said "okay" for the 20th time

    6. When the delivery status says "delivered" but it isn't there.

    7. Trying to make a flight only to find the TSA line is extra long that day.

    TSA line so long at Chicago O'Hare that it took up the rest of the terminal and had to wrap around. #ihatethewait

    8. Downloading something that's going to take well over an hour.

    9. Teachers who take FOREVER to get your grades back to you.

    10. Having to wait until after the credits to watch another scene.

    11. Going on a quick trip to the grocery store only to find that there is only one of twenty registers working.

    12. Getting to an appointment 15 minutes early, only to wait over an hour to be seen.

    13. Being the first one to wake up at a sleepover and having to wait for everyone else to get up.

    When you're the first one awake at a sleepover

    14. Having to wait over an hour for your favorite ride at an amusement park.

    15. Trying to order a drink at a packed bar when the bartender is no where near you.

    Waiting for the bartender to notice me like...

    16. Having any sort of work done on your car.

    When you actually turn your music down and hear all types of shit wrong with your car.

    17. When you need help at a store but no one is around.

    18. Heating up anything in the microwave for longer than two minutes.

    Microwave minutes are longer than normal minutes

    19. And finally, the DMV in general.