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27 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Being In Culinary School

Oh, you have the flu? LOL. Get to class!

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1. Many people think that culinary school is a romantic experience filled with wine and endless cooking.

This scene is what I imagine culinary school is like

And LOL. Those people would be wrong.

2. For starters, you'll absolutely DREAD the quarterly deep clean.

You don't know hell until deep cleaning day at the end of each quarter. #CulinarySchoolProblems.


3. And you'll quickly learn that missing a day of class is essentially an automatic failure.

NO excuses.

NO excuses.

4. Side towels will become the root of many classroom arguments.

Because only @ruhlman @PardusMichael and @DanielleMurr truly get this :) #sidetowels #handsoff

They're practically gold.

5. So you guard them with your life.

*internally screams*
Instagram: @jchalo3 / Via

*internally screams*

6. The lingering scent of onion will stain your hands, hair, and clothes.

I just scrubbed my hands for a good 10 minutes and they still smell like onions. #culinaryschoolproblems

And don't even get me started on FISH CLASS 😭

7. You'll fear egg day (AKA the day where you're forced to cook hundreds of eggs until you finally get one right).

Have you ever thrown away 900 eggs? i have #eggday #Culinaryschoolproblems

Over easy is anything but easy...

8. And you'll learn the lost art of turning potatoes.

My fingers are pruned from tourneeing potatoes for the past 2 hours

Which is a skill you'll NEVER actually use.

9. On top of hauling your heavy knife roll, you'll also have to carry textbooks, aprons, towels, and toques to every class.

idek if culinary school wants to teach me or make me have back pain

And yes, Advanced Theoretical Culinary Concepts is a real textbook.

10. Your fingerprints will literally ~disappear~ thanks to the endless burns and calluses you'll acquire.

My Touch ID on my iPhone doesn't work anymore because the burns/callouses on my fingers block my finger print. #culinaryschoolproblems

Like the one below your middle finger from chopping 50 pounds of onions.

11. You'll start geeking out over knives.

"@FactsOfSchool: Back to school supplies 😊 " as a culinary arts student I dont get why this picture is funny. Hmmm..

And you'll freak out if ANYONE touches them.

12. Sharpening them will become a ~meditative~ experience.

Questioning @heckyeahitsbeca sanity in culinary school

Your bathroom will transform into a legit sharpening studio.

13. Your schoolwork will slowly start bleeding into your personal life...

My phone just autocorrected condom to consommé. #culinaryschoolproblems

Condom. Consommé. Close enough.

14. And your phone will begin autocorrecting everyday items into completely unrelated culinary lingo.

also while typing four years in my LT it autocorrected to foie gras #culinaryproblems 😅

Perfect terrines are terrifying to make, so maybe Siri was onto something...

15. You'll shamelessly start swapping burn and scar stories with other classmates.

"This one? It's from a rondeau."

"This one? It's from a rondeau."

16. And when you do cut yourself, it's always on the dumbest things.

Like the bottom of a sani bucket...

17. You'll even start using kitchen slang in everyday conversations.

Lately I have been catch myself saying 'behind' instead of excuse me, like if people really know I telling them to move #culinaryproblems 😂

Because yelling "BEHIND" really gets people moving.

18. You'll slowly start* to become a morning person.

*be forced

*be forced

19. Not just a morning person, a morning person who wakes up at TWO IN THE DAMN MORNING.

Reading people's late night tweets while getting ready for breakfast class which starts at 2:30 AM.. @CIAProblems

Just as the night classes are ending, the morning classes begin.

20. You'll get away with things you DEFINITELY couldn't at other schools.

“In culinary school, "my dog ate my homework" was a legitimate excuse.”

But at the same time, you'll get in serious trouble for things that would otherwise go unnoticed like NOT SHAVING.

21. You'll slowly realize that both the NRA and CIA are not at all what you thought they were.

Culinary school is a weird parallel universe where the NRA is a restaurant assoc. and has nothing to do with guns and the CIA is a school.

CIA ≠ The Central Intelligence Agency.

22. You'll constantly fight about dishes, side towels, and the idea of "cleaning as you go."

This rando texted me about culinary school and I said thy had the wrong number but I hoped school was going well n…

It'll become a very serious cause of tension.

23. Your life will become an endless cycle of sleeping, eating, and going to class...

Wake up. Class. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. God I love restaurant row #12weekstograduation @CIAProblems

Going out with friends? Ain't NOBODY got time for that!

24. You'll either start rapidly losing weight, or rapidly gaining it...

Lunch: grilled pork tenderloin rubbed with rosemary and tarragon. Dinner: hot pocket Culinary school is weird sometimes

Working in a hot kitchen is the toughest cardio you can imagine.

25. Because although you're surrounded by wonderful food all day, your dining options are not always the best.

"You go to a culinary school, your dining hall food must be great"

Like the first day incoming freshman start cooking. NO. THANK. YOU.

26. And even though the tuition might be a little ~steep~

I have been out of culinary school for almost 11 years. The school's tuition was $40,000. Yet, here I am.....

*eats instant ramen*

27. You wouldn't change the experience for a thing.

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