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27 Beauty Products That Will Literally Make You Feel Cool AF

"I enjoy melting into a puddle of my own sweat," said no one ever.

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1. Soothing cucumber facial wipes for a midday refresher or to take off your melting makeup (because you've had enough).

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Promising review: "I started using these after the astringents I was using started really drying out my face. They smell so nice and are very soft. Better yet, they don't dry out my face, and it feels clean and fresh all day. They also don't flare up my eczema. I only need to use one sheet to remove all of my makeup (even mascara)! Tip: If you just use them during the day as a little refresher, cut them into halves or thirds and they'll last much longer! " —K. Pack

Get two packs (30 sheets each) from Amazon for $8.11.


3. A villainous* setting spray to prevent makeup from melting off your face with a special ~cooling time-release~ that lasts up to 12 hours.

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*Get it, cause ~chilling like a villian~? OK, bye.

Promising review: "I can't live without this spray, it's that good! It lives up to all its claims: cooling, hydrating, and keeps makeup looking fresh all day. I went a few months without it and my makeup never looked as good as it did when I used this spray." —Jojo Joseph

Get it from Sephora for $31.

4. A "beat the heat" sampler set that fights pollution, clogged pores, and whatever else the season throws at you.

The set includes a dewy sheet mask, anti-pollution mist, purifying mud mask, soothing mung-bean-sprout mask, and lotus blossom gel cream.

Get it from Wei Beauty for $22.

5. No-rinse cleansing foam, shower sheets, and muscle recovery gel for an instant refresher or relaxer without making you feel like you've been doused in menthol.


Promising review (for the shower sheets): "I used these after a seriously sweaty dance session. They are very refreshing and minty, and I was very impressed with how clean I felt without a shower after using them. I wasn't stinky either, which also surprised me. Definitely much better than using a wet wipe." —Tisiphone

Get the Flash Bath from Sephora for $22, the Shower Sheets from Amazon for $15, and the Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel from Amazon for $18.

6. A face and body ice roller to keep in the fridge/freezer for an effective blast of cold at a moment's notice.

Promising review: "I am an esthetician who has rosacea and is very hot-natured, and I have broken capillaries on my cheeks as well. This product, combined with some topical aloe, has changed my skin. It makes my almost-40-year-old skin feel super tight and retain hydration better. I'm just mad that I did not try it sooner. I can also see this working well for menopause, post-surgery, and dry/problematic skin." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $23.19.


7. A travel-friendly seawater- and caffeine-infused gel stick for an all-over wake-up call, plus eye de-puffing and extra hydration wherever you need it.

@milkmakeup / Via

Especially calming for sensitive, acne-prone skin. And it can also be used as a primer!

Promising review: "I don't know how I can go a morning without it! My under-eyes have never felt more refreshed, and my concealer applies flawlessly. I loved using eye cream, but the cooling sensation of this product has made it my new favorite!" —Elfunstoppablr

Get it from Sephora for $24.

8. A fragrance-free sunscreen that transforms into a weightless, water-like lotion for instant relief from the sun.

Promising review: "I absolutely love this sunblock because it's more like a smooth face cream. I wear it every day. It is high-quality protection and you don't need an additional moisturizer. Makeup goes on smoothly over it. As an ER-RN (emergency room registered nurse), I took a couple of years to work for a cosmetic surgeon and this is what we sold to our customers. It's a good brand that is not too overpriced. —CMC

Get it from Amazon for $35.99 (available in SPF 30 and 60).

9. Aloe vera gel in both tub and spray form so you'll never be without its cooling and calming benefits.

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Promising review (for the tub): "I use it every day as a moisturizer and to help remove my hyperpigmentation. It has helped reduce spots over time, but you have to be patient because it will take about a month to notice a huge difference. Aside from that, your skin texture will definitely improve overall. I also found that it works great as a makeup primer. Nothing else had worked for me, but now my makeup stays put all day. This has become a staple product." —Reah

Get the gel tub from Amazon for $8.54 and the gel mist for $10.30.

10. An aluminum-free peppermint deodorant that will leave your pits fresh and tingly.

Promising review: "It's actually the best underarm product I've ever used in the past 25+ years. The cooling effect it has when you put it on feels amazing! Like, you-don't-want-to-stop-applying-it amazing! The scent is perfect, and the feel of the product is almost nonexistent. It doesn't get sticky, clumpy, or leave white residue on clothing." —Steven D. Meidinger

Get it from Amazon for $18.


11. A creamy cooling gel made with real Greek yogurt (!!!) ideal for rescuing your sunburned skin after a little too much fun in the sun.

http://@korres.skincare / Via

Promising review: "I am so happy I found this! I have very fair, sensitive skin that flushes/inflames easily. I've tried color correction, but adding green pigment to counteract the redness on my face just never works. However, this product is so gentle and has a wonderful cooling effect, and significantly reduces my rosacea within a matter of minutes. I use the gel every morning and my skin looks so healthy that I sometimes go without my standard tinted moisturizer. I really love everything from the Greek yoghurt line, but the After Sun Gel has become far and above my favorite and must-have beauty item." —whoopitskristen

Get it from Sephora for $26.

12. A cooling daily lotion that's basically the best alternative to standing next to a Icelandic waterfall (unless you can actually manage that, in which case I am very jealous).

Promising review: "The glacial water, fatty acids, and yeast extract in this light lotion definitely seem to have supernatural powers. It's somewhere between a balm and a serum; I like to put it on before moisturizer for a bit of a skin-detox boost, and because it contains aloe and other cooling ingredients, you feel a blast of freshness like you're standing on the edge of Gullfoss. It's also really good for oily skin and preventing blemishes, thanks to the inclusion of thyme." —Laura Silver

Check out the full review here!

Get it from Amazon for $45.

Other awesome cooling products from this brand include Glacial Cleansing Cloths and Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.

13. Peppermint foot scrub and lotion that will make dry, cracked feet just a figment of your imagination.,

Promising review: "I noticed that my feet had started to become dry and scaly, and my normal Dove soap wasn't giving me the results I needed. The peppermint foot scrub worked immediately; I took a small dab and rubbed it onto my feet, and after getting out the shower, my feet were so soft. I followed up with the peppermint foot lotion and that too made my feet feel relaxed and soft to the touch. I now use these two about twice a week and my feet are no longer dry at all." —Prettyboykee

Get the foot scrub from The Body Shop for $8.40 and the foot lotion for $9.60.

14. Reviving lotion with peppermint and menthol ingredients to tingle, tone, and de-tense tired legs before or after a packed day of running around in the sun.

Promising review: "I'm at the beginning stages of half-marathon training, have a 7-month-old, work full-time, and live in a three-story townhouse. For my 5 a.m. wakeup calls, my legs have been less than willing to hop out of bed and run down the stairs to feed the baby. I keep this right next to my bed, rub it in as soon as I wake up, and I am ready to face the day (along with the Ginzing line for my face)! The cooling effect really helps those tired muscles. I've also gotten responses from my coworkers like, 'What is that nice smell?' and 'Oooh, where is the new potpourri?'" —Addig

Get it from Origins for $26.


18. Soothing cucumber and green tea eye pads for a mini spa break your overworked eyes totally deserve.

Promising review: "Spent the day staring at a computer screen? Fighting allergies? Late night last night? Tired or sore eyes? These cucumber-infused eye pads are your answer! They're like a mini spa break right in the comfort of your home! Keep the eye pads in the fridge — it reallys help ease the discomfort of tired eyes." —D'Ann B.

Get a container of 36 pads from Amazon for $10.49.


20. A smooth cooling primer to blur pores and fine lines and help foundation look extra flawless.

Promising review: "I am able to wear it with or without applying a foundation. It has a nice cooling sensation when it's being applied and helps with the natural ruddiness of my skin. If I am using foundation, it helps it stay on top of my skin and not sink into any fine lines. I feel like it also really helps refine my pores, and although I am blessed to not be very wrinkled at 50, it also makes me feel much more youthful when I wear it." —Just Janet

Get it from Amazon for $28.

22. A pen-style gel cheek tint you can swipe on and blend for a natural flush in just seconds.

Promising reviews: "It's the perfect alternative to powder blush. I love the simplicity of this tint! It makes it easy to apply some warm color to your cheeks on the go. It's super light and really does feel cooling like some chapsticks, except on your cheeks!" —abs6

Get it from Birchbox for $18 (available in Berry Flush and Pink Punch).


24. A serum mist infused with Japanese spring water that will help you achieve your dewiest complexion yet.

Promising review: "I've been looking for a midday spray to keep the dry patches away. This is IT. It never makes me break out and has eliminated my dry patches. I give myself a couple sprays midday on top of my makeup to refresh my glow. It's also fab as a light serum under a sheet mask before bed." —bguillotine

Get it from Sephora for $20+.


27. An icy straightener-like tool and mist that completely flips your hair routine around, conditioning out the frizz and keeping in the shine with sub-zero temperatures.,

Promising review (for the hair tool): "My hair is usually wavy and frizzy but using Inverse on wet hair means it dries smooth and needs no additional taming. I'm totally clueless when it comes to hairstyling and hair care, but Inverse is super quick and super easy!" —Julia

Get the hair tool from Inverse Hair for $169 and the mist for $29.99.