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    27 Beauty Products That Will Literally Make You Feel Cool AF

    "I enjoy melting into a puddle of my own sweat," said no one ever.

    1. Soothing cucumber facial wipes for a midday refresher or to take off your melting makeup (because you've had enough).

    2. A beary adorable hydrating eye stick to fix a case of dreaded puffy zombie eyes.

    3. A villainous* setting spray to prevent makeup from melting off your face with a special ~cooling time-release~ that lasts up to 12 hours.

    4. A "beat the heat" sampler set that fights pollution, clogged pores, and whatever else the season throws at you.

    5. No-rinse cleansing foam, shower sheets, and muscle recovery gel for an instant refresher or relaxer without making you feel like you've been doused in menthol.

    6. A face and body ice roller to keep in the fridge/freezer for an effective blast of cold at a moment's notice.

    7. A travel-friendly seawater- and caffeine-infused gel stick for an all-over wake-up call, plus eye de-puffing and extra hydration wherever you need it.

    8. A fragrance-free sunscreen that transforms into a weightless, water-like lotion for instant relief from the sun.

    9. Aloe vera gel in both tub and spray form so you'll never be without its cooling and calming benefits.

    10. An aluminum-free peppermint deodorant that will leave your pits fresh and tingly.

    11. A creamy cooling gel made with real Greek yogurt (!!!) ideal for rescuing your sunburned skin after a little too much fun in the sun.

    12. A cooling daily lotion that's basically the best alternative to standing next to a Icelandic waterfall (unless you can actually manage that, in which case I am very jealous).

    13. Peppermint foot scrub and lotion that will make dry, cracked feet just a figment of your imagination.

    14. Reviving lotion with peppermint and menthol ingredients to tingle, tone, and de-tense tired legs before or after a packed day of running around in the sun.

    15. A gentle geranium-scented cleansing oil to cleanly sweep all of your makeup off without irritating your skin further.

    16. A deep-cleansing kaolin clay mask that minimizes pores and tightens skin — and it contains pure Alaskan glacial water (ooh-ahh).

    17. Not-too-sticky coconut lip oil that hydrates, plumps, and cools down an overheated pout.

    18. Soothing cucumber and green tea eye pads for a mini spa break your overworked eyes totally deserve.

    19. A quick-absorbing powder spray that absorbs moisture and cools on contact for instant relief without any mess.

    20. A smooth cooling primer to blur pores and fine lines and help foundation look extra flawless.

    21. A fine deep-sea-water facial mist that envelops your skin in hydration.

    22. A pen-style gel cheek tint you can swipe on and blend for a natural flush in just seconds.

    23. A healing cleanser that calms down redness and inflammation with the help of cucumber extract, sunflower seed extract, and vitamins.

    24. A serum mist infused with Japanese spring water that will help you achieve your dewiest complexion yet.

    25. A whopping combo pack of sheet masks you can stick in the fridge for maximum coolness.

    26. Cooling body wash (for body, hair, and face) that will become your very regular summer shower companion.

    27. An icy straightener-like tool and mist that completely flips your hair routine around, conditioning out the frizz and keeping in the shine with sub-zero temperatures.