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July 29, 2017

Four Men Arrested In Australia Over Alleged Aeroplane Terrorist Plot

"There was intention and there was quite possibly capability."

10 Things You Thought You Knew About Squirting That May Be Total Myths

And no, it's not the same as female ejaculation.

Here's What Kind Of Lake Houses You Can Buy With A Million Dollars

Who doesn't love to pretend shop for waterfront homes?

Teen TV Showdown: Which Of These Couples Must Go?

We're stressed just thinking about this!

18 Times "Game Of Thrones" Perfectly Summed Up Dating

"I am the god of tits and wine" or not...

What's The Best Song To Have Sex To?

"Driver, roll up the partition please."

That Awkward Moment When Your BFF Crashes Your First Date

"You're not that awkward, you're just normal awkward"



18 Cosplayers Who Came To Slay At Nairobi Comic-Con

From Tony Stark to Hermione Granger, Kenya’s most stylish comic book and fantasy lovers showed out at the country’s fourth annual convention.

Which Mythology Do You Belong To?

You're obviously a god, but in which mythology?

Only A Left-Handed Person Can Get A 75% On This Quiz

Spiral notebooks are the bane of your existence.

Trump Administration Detaining Teens As Gang Members With Flimsy Evidence, Says Civil Rights Group

The New York Civil Liberties Union says at least nine teenagers have been wrongly placed in detention based on "unconfirmed allegations" and as little evidence as t-shirts or hand gestures.

Just 21 Really Funny Netflix Jokes

"Are you *still* watching this TV show? Look at yourself for god's sake."

Teenager Dies After Drinking Liquid Meth In Front Of Border Protection Officers

He told them it was juice, and his family claim the agents coerced him into drinking it.

9 Visual Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the web.

The Hardest "Friends" Quote Quiz Of All Time

"They don't know that we know that they know we know."

Create Your Own TV Show And We'll Tell You How Many Kids You're Destined To Have

Direct your way to a new hit TV show and maybe a few kids.

19 Reasons It Sucks To Have A Body In The Summer

Free me from my sticky flesh prison.

Men Wear Jockstraps For A Day

"I feel exposed."

18 Paleo Recipes That Are Actually Super Satisfying

Comfort food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner — but paleo-friendly.

33 Amazing Cruelty-Free Beauty Products That Cost Less Than $10

The bunnies and your wallet will thank you.

What Is "Good Trolling"?

"Just don't call me a journalist," says a Twitter media critic.

Here's One Of The First Women Of Colour YouTubers To Get A Book Deal In The UK

"It feels blooming amazing," Grace Victory told BuzzFeed News. "It's also quite sad that there are not other women of colour getting this opportunity."

Only A True Theatre Kid Will Be Able To Check Off 38/50 Things

"Hey do you have an extra hair tie?" –literally everyone backstage

Which Animal Can You Get By Changing One Letter?

How well do you know your animals?

28 Things That Are Basically Clutter, But In A Good Way

All the tchotchkes, bric-a-bric, trinkets, and doodads you could ever need.

21 Things You Need If You're Obsessed With Houseplants

You'll love this stuff if plants give you life (and not just because they produce oxygen).

17 Thoughts Every Pregnant Person Has, But Will Never Admit To

"I just realized I may have a tiny penis growing inside me."

People Are Really Emotional Over This Bond Between A Football Fan And A Young Man With Social Anxiety

"I didn't think I was doing anything special but after seeing his mother's message and the impact it made, I was so humbled," Danny Martin told BuzzFeed News.

35 Affordable And Stylish Bags That Look Ten Times Their Price

You're ~TOTES~ gonna want all of these.

How Easy Are You To Piss Off?

I am wearing headphones so that you WON'T talk to me. Stop it.

Frank Ocean Wore A T-Shirt With A Powerful Statement During His Show And People Loved It

"Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?"

25 Things​ You Need For The Perfect Day At The Beach

Feel the sand in between your toes and also in your soul.

29 Foods That Actually Make People Horny

I'll probably never be able to look at salad the same again, tbh.

This Is What It's Like To Find An Apartment In Japan When Your Parents Aren't Japanese

In Japan, landlords have the right to refuse anybody based on nationality and ethnicity.

Chipotle Really Wants You To Think More About Queso

"Queso" was mentioned 26 times during Chipotle's latest call with investors.

24 Tips That Will Make Dorm Living Much Easier

Going barefoot in the shower is gross, and other hot takes.

Charlize Theron Is Not Here To Make Friends

Theron has spent the last 20 years ignoring the unspoken rules of proper (female) star behavior.

One Thing We Should Be Able To Agree On Is That "Atomic Blonde" Is Awesome

Charlize Theron's spy movie is the context-free action extravaganza everyone needs right now.

What Kind Of YouTuber Would You Be?

Not everyone can be a beauty vlogger.

A Penis Enlargement Killed A Man In Sweden

“It’s a completely useless procedure that never works and disfigures men, and could kill you,” one urologist said.

Which Minor "Friends" Character Are You?

Yup, you're one of them.

Abstinence-Only, "No Promo Homo" Sex Ed Keeps Queer Teens In The Dark

The only thing sex ed taught me about gay people was that we weren’t supposed to exist.

We Know Whether You're A Mimosa Or Bloody Mary Person

There are two types of brunch drinkers in this world...

Which Rapper Is Better?

This is super hard.

19 Travel Videos That'll Either Soothe You Or Fill You With Intense Jealousy

Someone give me the money to spend a month in the sun by an infinity pool, please.



Stuck Between A Fence And A Hard Place

I can't free a stuck ram, but maybe I can try to untangle myself a bit.

42 problèmes auxquels toutes les femmes grosses ont été confrontées au moins une fois dans leur vie

Un jean qui vous va bien à tous les niveaux? Haha, la bonne blague.

16 faits glaçants que vous ignoriez peut-être sur des tueurs en série

En dehors du fait qu'ils tuent des gens, bien sûr.

斜め上すぎる…! ドン・キホーテの質問コーナーがキレッキレすぎると話題


「稲田防衛大臣辞任」主要5紙はどう論じたのか 各紙の社説を比べてみた


These People Are Trying To Fix A Huge Problem In Science

The results of too many scientific studies aren't standing up to scrutiny. Here's how a group of scientists think they can (partly) change that.

This Is Why Prisoners Are Deliberately Reoffending After They Leave Jail

With prisons in crisis and probation services unable to cope with demand, prisoners are routinely leaving jail with nowhere to live and no prospect of employment. BuzzFeed News hears their stories and asks how this can happen in the 21st century.

As Tesla Celebrates The Model 3, Employees Demand Answers On Pay

As Elon Musk and other Tesla employees celebrate the launch of the Tesla Model 3, hundreds of factory workers await the company’s response to a petition calling pay practices “unfair and overly subjective.”

Do Your "Vampire Diaries" Opinions Suck?

Are you team Stelena or team Delena?

Can You Name 12/14 Of These Minor Characters From Your Favorite TV Shows?

Remember, we want the names of the characters, not the actors.



「泳がない」は正しい使い方 ナイトプール、なぜブーム?“インスタ映え”だけじゃない意外な理由

今、インスタ女子のあいだで話題の「ナイトプール」。いつ頃から話題? どんな人が利用してるの? ホテルやレジャー施設に聞きました。

John Kelly Leaves DHS As A Man Loathed By Immigration Advocates, But Now He Has Trump's Ear

“No doubt Trump made him his Chief-of-Staff given this track record of tearing families apart."

15 Telenovelas para niños que seguramente marcaron tu infancia si tienes entre 20 y 29 años

Daban las cuatro de la tarde y tu corrías a la televisión.

Which Misunderstood Animal Are You?

Trash panda or pizza rat?

Which TV Show Couples Do You Ship More?

One is always better than the other.

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