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    19 Pairs Of Comfy Heels For Anyone Who Love-Hates Their Flats

    Yes, really.

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for the most comfortable pair of heels they own. Get ready, because here are the results!

    1. Payless pumps that will let you dance all night at your cousin's wedding and deal with a day in the office.,

    I have a pair in almost every color and finish they make, and wear them to work just about daily. They don't last forever, but they're cheap enough you can replace them as needed without guilt. They go on sale a lot, so I usually pay about $20 to $25 a pair. And they make my size, 12, which is hard to find!


    I have four pairs, and although they do wear out after about a year of daily wear in the office, they're just $20 to $30. Well worth it for heels I can keep on through an entire nine-hour workday! I've also worn them to weddings, and I can dance in them super easily!


    I own them in black and nude...they're my staple!


    PAYLESS COMFORT PLUS PREDICTIONS KARMEN STYLE PUMPSSSSSSS. I have them in every color. They're amazing. I wear them every day.

    β€”Gabi Aleksinko, Facebook

    You can find these pumps at Payless for $29.99 (sizes 5–13, 7 colors), and sold by Payless on Amazon (size 5–13, 9 colors) for $24.99.

    2. Crocs wedge sandals that let you walk the dog, run errands, and go on a mini-golf date without a peep from your feet., Augusta Falletta / BuzzFeed

    I love my Croc's β€” I can wear them all day at the office or walk a mile in them and not want to stab my feet. Strangers have complimented me on them! I have several pairs in cute designs, and first heard about them in the "Life-Changing Things to Try" piece from September 2015. Love black the best though!!


    I have the Havana slingback wedge in black (it's discontinued, but it's a cute, retro slingback). I could walk forever in them. They look higher than they are since there's a platform, but they're so cute and comfortable, I've worn them for 10-hour days at work and also more formal events like weddings. People are always super shocked that they're Crocs. πŸ˜›

    β€”Amber Ansley, Facebook

    Get them for $54.99 from Crocs (sizes 4–11, 5 colors).

    3. These Adrienne Vittadini pumps that will keep your feet in check whether you're giving tours or standing at your favorite wine bar.

    This is by far one of the most comfortable pair of heels I've ever purchased. I work in property management so I'm on my feel all day long, giving tours of apartments and doing things around the office and property. From the first day I wore these I felt so comfortable, *AND* I didn't get any blisters.


    Get them from DSW for $59.95 (sizes 6–10, 5 colors).

    4. Dansko clog heels or sandals that give your feet all the sturdy support they deserve.

    dansko /,

    I LIVE in my Dansko heels β€” the Dotty shoe in taupe suede, to be super specific. They have a 3-inch heel, and when I slip them off at the end of the night, my feet feel like I've been wearing sneakers or espadrilles. Danskos are truly the only heels I can wear without getting mad blisters, but I can stand, walk, or dance in them for hours. Once I ran half a mile in them β€” and felt great.


    I love my Danskos. I used to work in a grocery store, and spent hours wearing them in the concrete floor. And I didn't have any more pain than usual once I got home.


    Get the Dotty heels (left photo) for $149.95 (sizes 5 1/2–12, two colors) and the Dawson sandals (right) for $99.90 (sizes 5 1/2–12, three colors) on Amazon.

    5. Sturdy Clark's pumps that will help you keep your balance no matter how many stairs you have to climb.,

    Flight attendant here: We're experts in comfortable heels! The small platform absorbs the shock of traipsing through the terminal. They're completely worth the money: They last forever, conform to your feet, they're easy to break in, and are made of high-quality leather. I'll never buy anything else!


    I have three pairs of leather pumps from Clarks. The sole is padded and there is cushioning on the heel so it doesn't rub. I can wear them all day without pain! I'll never wear any other pumps!


    I have pretty bad plantar fasciitis so there isn't really such a thing as comfortable heels for me, but Clarks are better than most.


    Get them for $95 on Amazon (sizes 5–12, 10 colors).

    6. Jambu wedges that you could teach in all day, whether you're wearing a dress or jeans.,

    These Jambu wedges are so comfortable! I'm a nurse and I wear them to do home visits with my patients all the time. I love the flowers on the heel.


    Get them for $119.99 from Amazon (sizes 6–11; 4 colors).

    7. Orthopedic Roccamore heels that put less pressure on your feet in all the key places.

    Roccamore, hands down. They were made to be less harmful for your feet than regular heels. But they are still stylish AF.


    Get the pictured pair for $192 from Roccamore.

    8. These suede Toms wedges that help you channel your PSL-loving fall self all year long.

    These black suede desert wedges from Toms! They were a bit pricey, but they're the most comfy things ever. I've worn them around New York, Chicago, LA, and Vegas without complaint. They're supportive and my feet never hurt. I actually prefer to wear these over flats, and I barely wear other heels!


    Get them for $89 from Toms (sizes 5–12, 2 colors).

    9. Leather Michael Kors pumps that won't let sore feet intervene in your professional life.

    I stand for eight hours at my job, and I can wear these all day with no problem!


    I'm not necessarily a huge fan of the brand but these pumps are everything! With only a 2.5-inch heel, you can easily wear these all day, every day.


    Get them for $99.00 from Michael Kors (sizes 5–11, one color).

    10. Character shoes (like these from Capezio) that were made for dancing but look just as good with everyday clothes.,

    My character shoes. I have the same pair from seven years ago and they are great to wear all day. In high school I was in the musicals so I had to buy a pair for all the dancing we did. I've had to put new liners in since I've used them so much but they are perfectly comfortable. When they finally get ruined I'm going to buy another pair of them.


    Character shoes! I have a pair that I got five years ago (I was in the 8th grade) and now after graduating high school they still fit and are crazy comfortable. They are made to be danced in, with either a 1.5-inch heel or 2-inch. Highly recommend!


    My theater character heels are the most comfortable heels I own. Only after about six hours of constantly being on your feet do they start to hurt.


    Get them for $66.95 on Amazon (sizes 4–11, 3 colors).

    11. These low-heeled LifeStride pumps so you can pound the pavement while your feet think they're walking on clouds.,

    I swear by LifeStride pumps. I thought they were an "old lady" shoe at first, but they're cute, versatile, and so comfortable. They're perfect for job interviews and date night. And as a tall girl, the relatively small heels are perfect for me!


    They're affordable and comfy. I can spend all night on my feet in them and never once think of changing into flats.


    Get them for $43.19 on Amazon (sizes 5–12, 24 colors).

    12. Naturalizer sandals that you can slip on with almost any fancy outfit and know they'll look great.,

    I have a pair of cream Danya evening heels from Naturalizer, and I legitimately can run in these heels. They're about three inches tall, and a bit strappy, but they go with everything, and I can wear them everywhere.


    Get them for $78.99 on Amazon (sizes 4–12, 12 colors).

    13. Block-heeled J. Crew Factory pumps because sometimes you just can't stay away from (slightly) higher heels.

    I could run miles in these! I've worked events in them and gone out dancing as well, and they hold up. They're sturdy and have very little wear and tear even after wearing them a TON.


    Get them for $118 from J. Crew Factory (sizes 5–12, one color).

    14. Strappy OTBT platform sandals that'll give you height for summer nights without the high-heel hangover.,

    OTBT wedges!!! They are the most comfortable shoes I own. There are lots of knockoffs out there that are half the price, but they're not nearly as comfortable.


    Get them for $125 on Amazon (sizes 5.5–11, 15 colors).

    15. J. Adams kitten heels that you can wear without fear as you dash through a rainstorm.,

    I got a pair of kitten heels from J. Adams on Amazon and they are SO comfortable! I ran in a rainstorm in them and felt steady and comfortable, and they turned out to be fine after getting soaked. I can do stairs and run around with ease. Constant jumping is a bit beyond them, though.


    Get the pictured pair for $35 on Amazon (sizes 5.5–11, 11 colors), or browse the brand's other kitten heel styles here.

    16. Almost any Jeffery Campbell platform heels, whether they're the classic Lita...

    My classic Jeffery Campbells! I know they don't look comfortable, but the platform makes it way less steep than it looks.


    Get them for $160 from Jeffery Campbell (sizes 6–11, one color).

    ...or the teeter-totteringly futuristic TVC-15.

    Literally 98% of all Jeffrey Campbell platform heels. The higher they are, the comfier they are IMO. I'm 5 feet two inches with wide feet and high arches, and I live in NYC and walk everywhere. That means I like a lot of height and to be able to strut my shit comfortably all day if need be.

    When people ask me how I can constantly wear huge shoes every day, I tell them that platforms without a huge incline are the secret (stilettos are hot but they fucking suck to walk in), and Jeffrey Campbell has that secret down to a science. Here's a pair of shoes I've literally raced down the subway stairs multiple times in to catch the L train (without incident, mind you).


    Get them for $140 from Jeffrey Campbell (sizes 6–11, one color), or browse other colors and options here.

    17. These Rockport pumps because you need a pair of shoes that can last through your commute, work, drinks after work, and your commute home.

    rockport /

    Rockport Seven to 7. Great cushion and arch support, no wobble, doesn't get tight if you're running around for ages. Absolute perfection.


    Get them for $140 on Amazon (sizes 5–11, 5 colors).

    18. Aerosoles pumps that'll let you try out your favorite trends without forcing your toes to beg for mercy.

    aerosoles_shoes /

    Aerosoles. They are amazing, and I have their pumps in multiple colors for the sole purpose of wearing them to weddings when I have to. Your feet will weep tears of joy!


    Get them for $89 on Amazon (sizes 5–12, 16 colors).

    19. Yves Saint Laurent platform heels that can take you from walking all day to dancing all night, no problem.

    shoesbyfis /,

    I love my YSL tribute sandals. I can wear them all day and night and my feet feel fine. The 4-inch are tall enough so I feel sexy but not too tall that I can't walk (plus 1-inch platform makes it feel like only 3-inch heel). They are a big investment at $900 but after buying pairs of $50 to $300 heels that I end up only being able to wear once, I think it is worth it.

    P.S. Beware of the 5-inch version, I made the mistake of thinking they would be the same but I can't walk in them at all. Boy does that extra inch make a difference.


    YSLs classic tribute sandals. They're insanely expensive...but the best shoes I have ever worn. They also come in smaller sizes which is good since I wear a size 5. The only heels that don't make your feet hurt during a night out or the day after.


    Get them for $895 from Saks Fifth Avenue (Sizes 5–12, 2 colors).

    Happy heel hunting! And remember, everyone's different:

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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