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July 10, 2017

What Kind Of Strange Habit Have You Picked Up From Your Parents?

Always keep your plastic bags in another plastic bag.

US Army Soldier In Hawaii Pleads Not Guilty To Trying To Help ISIS

Ikaika Kang pleaded not guilty to four counts of attempting to provide material support to ISIS.

Trump Accused Comey Of Leaking Classified Information After A False Report On Fox News

The president accused the former FBI director of leaking "classified information" after a misleading Fox News report. A network host later said, "we were mistaken in that."

22 Random Pop Culture Moments That I Can't Believe Actually Happened

LOL @ Sharon Osbourne pouring a drink on Megan from Rock of Love.

The Senate's Most Vulnerable Republican Can't Win On Obamacare

Both Democrats and Republicans have it out for Nevada Sen. Dean Heller — regardless of how he ends up voting on the Republican health care bill.

29 Songs Guaranteed To Get Everyone On The Dancefloor

If Shakira doesn't make you want to dance, then we can't be friends.

Jeremy Corbyn Says The Gig Economy Worker Rights Review Is A "Huge Missed Opportunity"

Matthew Taylor, who was commissioned by the government to review employment rights, has recommended that worker rights should be bolstered, but Labour says his recommendations do not go far enough.

A Widow Shut Down People Who Were Pissed Patton Oswalt Is Engaged

His wife, Michelle McNamara, died in early 2016.

The Stories On Don Jr.’s Russia Meeting Are A "Bat Signal" For Trump’s Base

The MAGA crowd has fiercely defended the eldest Trump son in a way they haven’t for other members of Trump’s inner circle, including Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

19 Detalles que seguro no notaste en 'Spider-Man: De regreso a casa'

Muchos villanos, muchas conexiones al universo Marvel.

Now Everyone Is Doing Prime Day, Which Is Not A Thing

We used to be happy at the beach.

Este quiz sexual te dirá a qué casa de 'Game Of Thrones' perteneces

Averigua si mereces sentarte... en el Trono de Hierro.

Uma montagem do Putin rodeado de líderes mundiais no G20 fez sucesso na Rússia

O site do Kremlin dedicado a desmentir informações falsas não tocou no assunto.

Make An '00s Middle School Dance Playlist And We'll Tell You If Your Crush Likes You

The best thing about tonight is you'll finally get an answer.

11 receitas de festa junina para comer o ano todo

Porque São João é um estado de espírito.

11 Recipes We Tried And Loved This Month

Here’s what our editors and writers are making in their own kitchens.

Este hombre perdió la mitad de la cara por el cáncer, pero fue reconstruída con otras partes de su cuerpo

La innovadora cirugía le dio una nueva oportunidad en la vida. Advertencia: Este artículo contiene imágenes que algunos podrían considerar perturbadoras.

16 "Cumplidos" que todas las mujeres solteras están hartas de escuchar

"Tu vida debe ser mucho más fácil y sin responsabilidades, ¿verdad?"

15 Trendy Earrings That You Can Make Instead Of Buy

Anthro style for Claire's prices.

10 motivos indiscutíveis para namorar uma pessoa introvertida

Não precisa ter ciúmes porque provavelmente a gente não vai fazer questão de conhecer pessoas novas!

O elenco de "Titanic" no filme x agora

"My heart will go on and on..."

Você manja de coisas de velho?

Dores, contas pra pagar, coisas mofadas.

21 Fotos con las que las personas altas se identificarán inmediatamente

Dedicado a todos los que alguna vez se agacharon para la foto.







Deputado do mesmo partido de Temer vota a favor da denúncia e presidente sofre primeira derrota

Apesar de ser do PMDB, Sergio Zveiter disse que é "imperiosa" a abertura do processo que pode afastar Temer.

Which Stark Kid Are You?

You're all about honor.

Did Amazon's Alexa Really Call The Cops During A Domestic Dispute?

New Mexico authorities say Amazon's virtual assistant contacted police. One problem: The company says Alexa can't make 911 calls.

Donald Trump Jr. Has Hired A Lawyer Who Has Handled Organized Crime And Cybercrime Cases

Donald Trump Jr. has hired New York criminal defense lawyer Alan Futerfas, as the president’s son faces scrutiny for his meeting last year with a Russian lawyer.

A Lôca, balada LGBT icônica de São Paulo, luta para reabrir, mas não há prazo

Casa na rua Frei Caneca, que funcionava sem alvará, foi fechada no sábado (8) pela prefeitura.

Kellyanne Conway Trashed CNN While On CNN, Then Apparently Wouldn't Leave The Interview

It began with the news. It ended...after multiple tries.

34 coisas que só quem estudou em colégio adventista viveu

A música 'Descansar' não saiu da sua cabeça até hoje.

19 Things Asexual People Need You To Understand About Asexuality

"It's kinda like going to museums or something — I don't get much out of it but it doesn't really bother me either."

Many Women Of Color Feel Unsafe Working In Science, New Study Finds

Among astronomers, some 28% of women of color reported feeling unsafe in their workplace due to their race, and about 40% reported feeling unsafe because of their gender.

17 Moments That Will Speak To Your Soul If You Entirely Loathe Doing Laundry

"I'd rather clean the kitchen and the bathroom simultaneously than do laundry... "

13 fatos sobre comidas que são 100% verdade

A pizza, de alguma forma, fica ainda melhor quando você a come amanhecida, no café da manhã.

24 Disturbing Pictures From The Battle Of Britain

From July to October 1940, Nazi Germany laid siege to the United Kingdom in what is now known as the Battle of Britain. Before the 122-day conflict ceased, over 500 air force pilots and more than 40,000 civilians were killed.

This New Rule Gives People The Right To File Class-Action Suits Against Banks

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced a rule that prevents banks, credit cards, and other financial service providers from stopping class-action lawsuits.

21 Cosas que sabes si eres la amiga graciosa

No puedes decir nada en serio porque todos piensan que estás siendo sarcástica.

You Probably Missed The Most Exciting Easter Egg In "Spider-Man: Homecoming"

Spoilers ahead for those who haven't had a chance to check out the film.

Looking For Details On Syria Ceasefire? Don’t Ask US Military.

President Trump hailed the new US–Russia ceasefire in Syria as a success on Sunday. But Pentagon officials on Monday said they knew nothing about how the ceasefire was being monitored or enforced.

15 palavras com sentidos diferentes para gays e héteros

Favor atualizar o Aurélio urgentemente.

Este homem perdeu metade do rosto para o câncer, mas aos poucos está se recuperando

Uma cirurgia pioneira deu a Tim McGrath uma nova chance na vida. Aviso: este post contém imagens que podem perturbar algumas pessoas.

23 caras que arrasam na maquiagem

Meninos que sabem o que estão fazendo.

How A Pulitzer-Winning New York Times Story Pulled From A Russian News Outlet

The Times’ prize-winning story relies heavily on two articles in Meduza, a Russian news site based in Latvia.

17 Remixes Guaranteed To Get The Damn Party Started

Roll down those windows and crank up those speakers!

Here's How Zara Larsson Met Her Hot-Ass Boyfriend With One Thirsty Tweet

It started with a thirsty-ass tweet. It ended in love. This is my dream.

El protagonista de 'Please Like Me' está teniendo las mejores vacaciones de su vida en la CDMX

Josh Thomas visitó el Castillo de Chapultepec, jugó con perritos en la Condesa y comió escamoles.

How Many Of These Denzel Washington Movies Have You Seen?

An actor with a legacy of iconic roles.

25 Batallas que todas las personas con una vagina han enfrentado durante la menstruación

Sentarte en la mañana y sentir que sale un CHORRO DE SANGRE REPENTINO en tu ropa interior.

33 Things That'll Make You Say, "Why Don't I Own That Already?"

From bathing suits to Q&A journals to Harry Potter-inspired workout wear: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

This Movie Uses A Goofy Image Of The Afterlife To Tell A Profound Story

How a movie about life and death and linen finds meaning in beautiful snapshots.

Can You Get More Than 10/15 On This "Death Note" Quiz?

"The human whose name is written in this note shall die."

Estes são os políticos paulistas que o Ministério Público quer investigar por causa da Odebrecht

Tem petista, tucano e até o Ey-ey-eymael, o democrata cristão.

11 Borderline Genius Cooking Tips From Anthony Bourdain

Who better to learn from than Tony himself?

Caso Lesvy: videos de seguridad muestran que la joven fue golpeada antes de morir, asegura su madre

La versión de la Procuraduría es que la joven se suicidó con el cable de un teléfono público en Ciudad Universitaria.

Niall Horan anunció concierto en México y el internet está perdiendo el control

A mi corazón directioner le gusta esto... a mi cartera, no tanto.

Do You Know What's Victorian And What's Edwardian?

Can you keep your British historical eras straight?

15 Cleaning Products That'll Give You Dramatic Before-And-After Photos

Better than the "staircase reveal" in She's All That.

O sumiço e o retorno do macaco do Latino é puro suco de Brasil

Envolve muito choro, fake news e briga de celebridades.

No One Is Talking About The Things That Would Actually Make Health Insurance Cheaper

US politicians are locked in an ideological battle over health care. But they're not really debating how to bring costs down — they're just shifting how to pay for them.

8 Life-Changing Things Your Closet Needs ASAP

Tried, tested, and worn by BuzzFeed editors!

10 Quick Questions That'll Reveal If You're More Submissive Or Dominant

Are you making orders or following them in the bedroom?

People Are Dying Laughing At Snapchat's New Hot Dog Filter And Now It's An Amazing Meme

"Good morning to everyone especially to the hotdog from snapchat."

Judge Grants Blac Chyna's Request For A Restraining Order Against Rob Kardashian

The decision to grant a temporary restraining order comes days after Rob Kardashian posted explicit photos of his ex on social media last week. She also told a judge that he had physically assaulted her.

15 tuítes do final de semana para deixar a sua segunda menos miserável

Melhor é rir, vamos todos ter que sobreviver a mais uma semana mesmo!

17 Things You'll Get Only If Your Back Always Hurts

Sure, YOU are young, but your back is 93 years old.

Trump Defended His Son And Ranted About The Media In Several Tweets That Really Need A Reality Check

Russia, health care, and France, oh my: This week in DC politics.

Êtes-vous une personne génétiquement dominante ou récessive?

Pourquoi faire une analyse ADN quand on peut répondre à ce quiz?

16 Fakten über Geburten im Laufe der Geschichte, bei denen du nach Luft schnappen wirst

Schwangere Frauen haben früher bei der Entbindung Bier getrunken!

Los 29 momentos más 'WTF?' que pasaron en el Campus Party 2017 en Guadalajara

Que no se pierda la bonita tradición de la torre de pizza.

16 Dinge, die dich grundlos völlig verblüffen werden

Mein Leben ist für immer verändert.

Hilary Duff Re-Created The Iconic Disney Channel Wand Promo And It's Everything

"They made us do it like 900 times, and I think I lost all personality at that point. Plus, I was, like, a pubescent teen — I was like, "What are they making me do, this is invisible!"

24 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

Life is great. The sun is shining. Buy some stuff.

39 Small Things Every Woman Finds Deeply Satisfying

Discovering a dress has pockets.

19 Delicious Ways To Eat Toast That Brits Don't Realise Are Weird

All of these meals are acceptable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

21 kleine Dinge, die jede Frau stolz machen

Es sind die kleinen Dinge im Leben!

24 total echte Menstruationsprobleme, die alle kennen, die eine Vagina haben

Und auf einmal ist da dieser Klumpen und du denkst, du stirbst.

Can You Get 6/10 On This Insanely Difficult 20th-Century Quiz?

The first mobile phone? The birth of Bugs Bunny? How much do you know?

22 echt verdammt geile Bilder, die jede große Person sofort wiedererkennen wird

Für jeden, der sich jemals in ein Foto hinein ducken musste.

33 Dinge, die alle Büroangestellten heimlich tun, ohne darüber zu reden

„Happy Birthday, liebe [murmelt unverständlich irgendeinen Namen]"

"Younger" Stars Hilary Duff And Sutton Foster Answer Everything You've Been Wanting To Know

In which Hilary re-creates that iconic Disney Channel wand promo, Sutton talks outrageous sex scenes from Season 4, and more.

24 Personas que nunca debieron haber nacido

No había necesidad de llegar a estos extremos.

Theresa May Is Under Increasing Pressure To Keep Britain In The European Nuclear Regulator

Figures from across the political spectrum have criticised the decision to leave Euratom, with the former Vote Leave campaign director calling it "unacceptable bullshit".

A Tory MP Has Had The Whip Suspended For Using Racist Language

Pro-Brexit Anne Marie Morris used a racist term in relation to what might happen if Britain leaves the EU without a deal.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on charging cables, diffusers, scented crayons, and more!

Just Because I Have Depression Doesn't Mean I Shouldn't Be Pregnant

Many people have suggested that I shouldn’t try to address how bad I’ve felt during my pregnancy — or say that I shouldn’t have gotten pregnant at all.

19 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

An avocado slicer, a cat gnome killer, a trendy bathing suit, and 16 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at ModCloth, J.Crew Factory, Urban Outfitters, and more!

Los investigadores internacionales del caso Ayotzinapa también recibieron el malware Pegasus #GobiernoEspía

The New York Times publica este lunes un artículo que documenta el intento de espionaje al Grupo Interdisciplinario de Expertos Independientes (GIEI) mientras investigaban la desaparición y homicidio de los 43 normalistas.

Look At This Adorable Dog Who Looks Like A Bear

This is definitely a dog, right?

Probier mal diese Barbecue-Bacon-Fleischbällchen im Zwiebelmantel

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!

19 Times Dogs Were Kind Of A Dick, But Still Adorable AF

Who's a good boy? None of these guys.

These Women Had Four Whole Ceremonies To Celebrate Their Wedding And It's Goddamn Magical

A civil ceremony, an Indian one, a walk down the aisle, and a party to end it all. Fairy tales are real, guys.

9 series infantiles no sexistas para que tu hija decida quién quiere ser

Educar desde la igualdad, el respeto y la diversión.

Este profesor de Universidad acosó sexualmente a sus estudiantes y sigue trabajando en el Gobierno mexicano

El profesor Alejandro Villagómez fue denunciado por alumnas y alumnos del CIDE, pero renunció antes de ser sancionado. Hoy trabaja en el Gobierno federal con un sueldo que oscila los 130 mil pesos.

19 cosas que recordarás si estudiaste en la Universidad de Salamanca

Campus de excelencia internacional, decían.

Police Have Confirmed 350 People Were Living In Grenfell Tower And 255 Escaped

The number of those known to be missing or dead remains at 80.

This Comedian Was Incessantly Tagged In Fat Shaming Memes So She Shut That Shit Down

"I will still put myself out there because if I shut up and hide, I'll let the haters win."

The "Game Of Thrones" Cast Thought Up Their Own Spinoff Shows And They're Hilarious

Screw Robert's Rebellion and Dunk and Egg, now we want the Game of Thrones cooking show with body parts.

6 Weirdly Gripping Space Stories That Are Actually True

If the idea of being on the far side of the moon and hearing eerie "music" scares you, look away now.

17 Quirks People From Essex Don't Realise Are Weird

Having to avoid the seaside because the whole of London is there.

日用品を買い貯めしよう! Amazonプライムセールが超お得


24 luttes que toute personne qui a ses règles a connues

S'asseoir le matin et sentir le sang JAILLIR dans sa culotte.

There's A 100% Chance You're Welsh If You've Eaten 17/26 Of These Foods

Is there anything more beautiful than a Welsh cake?

The High Court Has Ruled The Government's Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia Are Lawful

Weapons sold by the British government to Saudi Arabia are believed to have been used against civilians in Yemen's brutal civil war.



Plan A Rainy Day And We'll Reveal Which Book You Should Read Next

“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.''

あなたは読める? アイドルの難読キラキラネーム






17 cosas que solo comprenderás si has tenido un mejor amigo o una mejor amiga desde la infancia

Hace mucho tiempo que perdisteis el sentido del asco mutuo, y vuestras madres os consideran parte de su familia.

A Man Has Been Charged Following An Acid Attack In London

Update: Police have charged a man after an acid attack on Resham Khan and Jameel Muhktar last month.

Theresa May Will Ask Other Parties To "Contribute, Not Just Criticise" In Her First Major Speech Since The Election

The prime minister will make the speech following a weekend of rumours that she is to face a leadership challenge, as she launches an inquiry into the gig economy.

Lawsuit Accuses Baton Rouge Police Of Excessive Force During Protests Over Alton Sterling’s Death

Protesters say they were unlawfully arrested during peaceful demonstrations after Alton Sterling was fatally shot in an altercation with police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Police Officer Shoots Two Family Dogs In Disturbing Facebook Video

A Minneapolis woman posted a video to Facebook that appears to show a police officer shooting her two dogs.

37 Of The Funniest Australian Tweets Of 2017...So Far

"You can name any rural town in Australia and say 'they've got a bloody good pasty there' and no one will ever challenge you."

19 Photos That Are The Definition Of "Perfect Timing"

Animals truly are a gift to us all.

【ランキング】Tasty Japan 2017年上半期に最も見られた動画は…


Massive Fire Rips Through London's Camden Market

About 70 firefighters battled the blaze at one of London's most popular tourist spots.



【森友学園】国税庁長官になった佐川前理財局長 野党の批判に菅官房長官は「安倍内閣として適材適所」


【訃報】漫画家くりた陸さん死去 代表作は「ゆめ色クッキング」「オレの子ですか?」


【閲覧注意】鳥肌がとまらない ブツブツ恐怖症「トライポフォビア」


A Farmer Who Lived In The US For Nearly 30 Years Has Lost His Long Battle Against Deportation

A coffee farmer and father of three who appealed his deportation order to federal court has been forced to leave the US.

There'll Be A Review After It Was Revealed Medicare Details Are Being Bought And Sold On The Internet

A reporter verified Medicare information being marketed online by buying his own details for less than $30.

Take Me On A First Date And I'll Tell You If You Scored A Second One

Do you really think you're second date material?

Aussie Doctors Are Seriously Over-Prescribing Antibiotics, Study Claims

Antibiotics have been prescribed more frequently than recommended for acute rhinosinusitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

20 Things That Will Make Dramatic People Say "Me AF"

Shakespeare's got nothing on you.

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