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Someone Killed Off The "Respect For My President" Meme Just Perfectly

A week is a long time for a meme.

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The start of this meme life-cycle is here: A woman named Makenna Greenwald stopped by and cleaned US president Donald Trump's Hollywood star.

Stopped to clean @realDonaldTrump Hollywood Star. Nothing but respect for MY President. #RaisedRight

A few days later, people started making comparisons between Makenna and others who were defacing the Trump star.

Can you spot the difference in attitude and composure? Who seems mature? Who seems that could handle political conv…

It prompted, well, some tributes, with people showing "nothing but respect" for their respective presidents.

Stopped to clean his star. Nothing but respect for MY president. #raisedright

Nothing but respect.

stopped and cleaned @britneyspears' star. nothing but respect for MY president

Well, in the Victorian town of Ballarat an impressive bust of former prime minister Tony Abbott was recently unveiled.

Of course, because people don't like nice things, Abbott's bust has been routinely decorated and defaced.

It took the people of #Ballarat just 4 days to properly crown the new bust of Tony Abbott. Bless. #auspol…

This has all been going on while Abbott has been fostering discontent within the Liberal party, by speaking out against prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

@Jay_Watt Love this. And this - We could start a gallery. #auspol #worstpmever #onionking

The supporters of Abbott have been arguing that he was stabbed in the back by Turnbull and he's the rightful standard bearer for the Liberal party and the government.

@Honeputu @vingreensill No it won't. You might enjoy the latest pics of Abbott's bust.

And on Monday, Mahalia Carter took a photo of her friend Lucy with the Abbott bust, "cleaning" it and adding a caption, "Nothing but respect for MY prime minister".

Nothing but respect for MY prime minister @MarkDiStef #putyouronionsout

Now the fact Mahalia tagged me in it, suggests she might have seen my off-hand joke to my colleague last week.

@braddybb If someone cleaned Abbott’s new bust and uploaded a pic with “nothing but respect for MY prime minister” we’re writing it up

Nothing but respect for this meme. RIP.

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