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    Updated on Nov 14, 2019. Posted on Jul 10, 2017

    19 Pictures Anyone Who Used Makeup In The '00s Will Recognise

    Lip Smackers for life.

    1. This shimmery eyeshadow that you wore to every party.

    Barry M
    JK/EMPICS Entertainment

    It was the height of glamour.

    2. These eyebrows that you had to draw on because you plucked your originals away.

    Andy Butterton / PA Archive/PA Images

    Eyebrows were profoundly uncool back then.

    3. This Bad Gal eyeliner that has been smudged around the entire perimeter of the eye.


    Such a mysterious look.

    4. Wait, what? There's nothing there? Oh I see: This pair of entirely concealed lips.

    Twitter: @lauxrenv

    There was nothing less chic than invisible lips.

    5. These eyebrows, plucked to resemble lil' baby sperms.

    Almost impossible to grow back.

    6. This bronzer, which has been used to cover the entire face.

    Getty Images

    We can blame The O.C. for this trend.

    7. These lips, covered in Lancôme Juicy Tubes, which your hair was permanently stuck to.


    The more you squeezed on to your lips, the better.

    8. And this pink Chanel lip gloss, which you so desperately wanted but could never afford.


    If your mum had this, you borrowed it all the time.

    9. These eyelashes, which you coated in so much mascara that they resembled spiders.

    Twitter: @ChaiTeaEl

    You always applied a good four coats of mascara.

    10. This lipliner, which in no way matched either your lips or your lipstick.

    Brenda Chase / Getty Images

    It wasn't even supposed to match.

    11. This bright red blusher, which you applied in perfect circles over your cheeks.

    Sean Patterson/EMPICS Entertainment

    Your blusher most likely came from a 99p makeup set you got from your local Londis.

    12. This Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, which made you feel incredibly glamorous.

    Twitter: @BrendanMacNews

    This was almost certainly your first foundation.

    13. This edible Urban Decay body powder, which you spread over your chest before every disco.

    Getty Images

    It smelled great.

    14. This blue mascara, which made you seem incredibly mysterious.

    Twitter: @bxywxnder

    Tbh, this is still a glam and mysterious look.

    15. Johnson's Holiday Skin, which you loved more than literally anything else you owned.

    Even though it stained your bedsheets.

    16. These eyes, covered in blue and white frosted eyeshadow.

    Getty Images

    So playful!

    17. This kind of crystal tattoo, applied delicately to the top of your cheek.

    Twitter: @sparkleplenty1

    This was a very edgy look.

    18. And, if you were feeling exotic, one of your front teeth.

    Twitter: @Tea_Spill

    You saw someone on German exchange sport this look and immediately copied it.

    19. And finally, these liquid Lip Smackers, which tasted exactly like bubblegum.

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