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20 Things That Will Make Dramatic People Say "Me AF"

Shakespeare's got nothing on you.

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4. Your things are your things. That is all.


7. Making yourself look less dramatic by comparison is a must...

everyone thinks i’m overdramatic when i’m upset, but when an octopus gets stressed out, it eats itself. now THAT’S overdramatic

8. ...but if someone wakes you up, the drama comes out in full force.

When someone wakes you up in the morning


14. You are incapable of giving simple descriptions...

Instagram: @masipopal

15. ...especially when it comes to describing yourself.

16. No ailment is too small to be a death sentence.

I can go from researching a cramp on WebMD to coffin shopping in under 90 seconds.


18. Emotions are an important part of your life.