"Younger" Stars Hilary Duff And Sutton Foster Answer Everything You've Been Wanting To Know

    In which Hilary re-creates that iconic Disney Channel wand promo, Sutton talks outrageous sex scenes from Season 4, and more.

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    TRUTH: Hilary, do you have any plans for new music or a tour this year?

    TRUTH: Last season Younger really pushed the bar with some outrageous sex scenes — is there anything this season that’s going to top that?

    DARE: Hilary, can you prank-call a friend?

    TRUTH: Sutton, if you could be in any current Broadway show, which would it be?

    TRUTH: What was the most challenging scene you had to film for Season 4 of Younger, and why?

    TRUTH: Sutton, what Broadway role would you love to play but think is against your type?

    DARE: Hilary, can you re-create the iconic “You’re watching Disney Channel” footage that went viral?

    TRUTH: What’s the funniest thing on social media you've seen about yourselves?

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