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    Can You Get Through This Post Without Falling In Love With Seahorses And Also Kinda Being A Little Freaked Out By Them?

    Such cute little alien critters.

    1. Magnificent and delightful. But also kinda weird!!

    2. Love these two. But my insides are shaking.

    3. Lil' bb cute thing, but also I'm kinda scared!

    4. OMGGGG WHO IS SHE? But also....who is she?

    5. THAT HAIR. I'm sweating.

    6. An alien!!! But a cute one.

    7. Talented and unique. BUT PROB NOT FROM EARTH!!

    8. Smiling and shivering.

    9. Love this little one but also my heart is beating faster.

    10. Majestic! it?

    11. So cute but it's looking right at me.

    12. Special and neat. But also I'm watching my back.

    13. Heart eyes and also twitchy eyes.

    14. MY FRIEND. I think.

    15. Amazing and freakish!!!

    16. EEE!!! Gaahhhhh.

    17. Cute. Smol. Lovely. Yellow. Spiky. My heart is racing.

    18. And finally, parent and child. Love to see families together but also now I'm anxious.