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    Updated on Jun 10, 2020. Posted on Jul 10, 2017

    11 Borderline Genius Cooking Tips From Anthony Bourdain

    Who better to learn from than Tony himself?

    Anthony Bourdain is known for his insatiable appetite, no-bullshit cooking style, and old-school kitchen mentality — and he's graced us with some great cooking tips over the years.

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    Like how to make perfect scrambled eggs and flavorful Sunday gravy.

    Here are 11 of his most helpful cooking tips to take you from ~the nexus of awfulness~ to fine-dining material.

    1. If you want a perfect cut of steak with an ideal ratio of "fat and lean," go with a rib steak.

    They're less expensive than tenderloin (which Anthony basically hates) and have way more flavor. See the full video at Tech Insider.

    2. And don't salt it in advance.

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    If you season your steak too early it will purge its natural juices, leaving you with a dry, sad piece of meat. Instead, season just before cooking and you'll avoid any moisture loss. Check out this helpful grilling illustration (drawn by Anthony himself).

    3. Cook it over a low, controlled flame.

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    Next time you grill a steak, turn the flame down and cook it low and slow. In an interview with Men's Health, Anthony says, "What most people do wrong is they rush the flame. They grill too hot."

    4. And finally, let it rest for five to seven minutes before cutting.

    Anthony says that "all the difference in the world between a good steak and a totally messed-up steak is going on in that period of time that you're just doing nothing." So remember, resist the urge to immediately cut into your steak and let it rest for at least five minutes. See the full video here.

    5. Sear meat in batches instead of overcrowding your pan.

    Overcrowding your pan will inhibit browning and stew your meat instead of searing it, so take your time and brown it in batches to get the best color. See the full video here.

    6. Ditch the bulky knife set and invest in one good chef's knife instead.

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    In Anthony's 2001 memoir, Kitchen Confidential, he writes, "Please believe me, here's all you will ever need in the knife department: One good chef's knife, as large as is comfortable for your hand."

    7. Always crack your eggs on a flat surface instead of the rim of a bowl.

    This will prevent stray pieces of shell from getting into your eggs. See the full video here.

    8. And never crack them ahead of time.

    If you crack your eggs too early, they will start to turn grey and lose their bright orange color. See the full video here.

    9. When cutting an onion, form your left hand into a claw shape to prevent cutting yourself.

    Anthony gracefully states that "the worst thing you could do to yourself is just shave off a little flap." See the full video here.

    10. Contrary to popular belief, it's OK to buy fish on Monday.

    The old theory that fish is not fresh on Mondays (due to deliveries not arriving on weekends) is no longer valid. Take it from Anthony and enjoy fish any day of the week. See the full video here.

    11. When in doubt, keep it simple.

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    As Anthony sums up in an interview, "when doing something TO food, ask yourself: is this making it BETTER? Or is it just an attempt at impressing?"