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I Gotta Say, I'm Really Confused By This Group Of Famous People Hanging Out!

Whosits and whatsits??!?!?

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I'm about to show you all a picture that has kept me thinking for the past hour "Why are these people together?" But before I do, let's see if you can guess who's here.

First, I'll show you that in the pic is Anderson Cooper, his boyfriend, and two people who I didn't bother covering up cause I kinda figured you wouldn't know them anyway. Are you ready to guess who is under the red blobs I drew?

OK, let's start with the top-right red blob. Think about it...


ALLISON WILLIAMS!! And that's her husband, who weirdly looks like her. Did you guess right? Prob not cause it's random. But anyway, moving on. Now let's guess who the other famous person is.

So, to recap, we have Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk, Anderson Cooper and boyfriend Benjamin Maisani, and Allison Williams and her twin brother I mean husband, all hanging out in Tahiti together.

Instagram: @therealdvf

Oh, and the picture was possibly taken, but definitely posted, by Diane Von Furstenburg who is also there. Andy Cohen is in attendance as well, but missed this photo op. Sad!