"M3GAN": 19 Cool Facts About Making The Murderous Marionette Movie

    How did the deadly doll come to life behind the scenes?

    With her viral dance sweeping TikTok, it's easy to forget she's not actually a real life social media star. But just how did the team behind M3GAN make her seem so real?

    1. James Wan and Atomic Monster pitched the idea to Jason Blum.

    Jason Blum, Jamie Lee Curtis and James Wan at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights

    2. As you may expect, Chucky had an influence on M3GAN.

    A screengrab of Chucky the doll

    3. The team deliberately tapped into the idea of "uncanny valley" to up the creep factor as much as possible.

    A photo of a press junket for M3GAN, with a large poster of the film showing the doll's eerie face on stage

    4. The team behind the movie wanted the doll to be as realistic as possible, so tried to rely as little as possible on CGI.

    Behind the scenes shot of Allison Williams acting with one of the M3GAN puppets while being filmed

    5. Director Gerard Johnstone was a stickler for the smallest details, ensuring every shot was signed off right down to the absolute minutiae of M3G4N's movements.

    Behind the scene shot of Violet McGraw with a M3GAN doll

    6. M3GAN is played by two actors.

    Amie Donald putting on the M3GAN mask

    7. That desire to straddle the line between human and doll meant they needed an actor the size of a doll.

    Behind the scenes shot of Amie Donald in a wig cap waiting to transform into M3GAN

    8. There were multiple puppets used for various different aspects of M3GAN's movement.

    Amie Donald wearing the M3GAN mask

    9. These puppets are more masterpiece than marionette.

    Allison Williams smiling with one of the puppets on set

    10. While the doll had to be as close to human as possible, the actor who provided M3GAN's body movements in some shots had to learn to move more robotically.

    Amie Donald wearing an animatronic mask and walking robotically

    11. In fact, the creepy all-fours run you see in the movie and trailer wasn't planned.

    View this video on YouTube

    Blumhouse Productions/Atomic Monster / Via youtu.be

    Director Gerard Johnstone said Amie's mom had sent him a video of Amie running across their carpet on all-fours.

    Johnstone decided to add it into the film, because "it was so creepy and unexpected — it was like she was a jungle predator sizing up her prey."

    12. ...and nor was the now-viral dance sequence.

    View this video on YouTube

    Universal Pictures / Via youtu.be

    Johnstone was so impressed with Amie's portrayal of the killer doll with no prior experience that he wanted to tap into the areas she was already skilled in. 

    He encouraged Amie to work with dance instructor Kylie Norris to create a dance that was "creepy, but also kind of distracting." The two delivered five or six soft choreography options for the scene, which Johnstone describes as "all very strange and not what I had in mind at all, but they were all kind of great and weird and disturbing."

    Once he was happy with the final sequence, he "snuck the moment into the film to see if anyone would say anything."

    With the dance now an absolutely iconic moment from the film, it seems Johnstone made the right call!

    13. It was also not going to be put in trailers originally.

    Gerard Johnstone at a M4GAN event

    14. Due its popularity with teens on TikTok, the movie had to be tamed a little so they could see it in theaters.

    Cady reading with the M3GAN doll

    15. Voice actor Jenna Davis didn't see what M3GAN looked like until she was in the studio recording.

    Jenna Davis with Amie Donald at a M3GAN event, standing in front of giant photo of M4GAN's face

    16. It's a very self-aware movie.

    Akela Cooper with James Wan and Jason Blum, who is dressed as M3GAN

    17. It's Allison Williams's first rodeo as executive producer, but she hopes it's not her last.

    BTS shot of Allison Williams with cameras behind her, looking at the M3GAN doll

    18. The movie marks the first time in his nearly 30-year-long career that Jason Blum began talking about a sequel before the movie was released.

    Jason Blum dressed as M3GAN at an event

    19. A sequel is already confirmed.

    An image showing 8 people dressed as M3GAN dolls

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