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15 Tattoos That You Totally Get If You've Ever Taken An Art History Class

The ink envy is real.

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Getty Images / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. This tattoo that looks like it was done by Picasso himself.

Tattoo artist Peter Aurisch takes his inspiration from Picasso, Klimt, and Schiele, but he also does some pretty realistic work with vegetables.

2. These surrealist tattoos that Dali would've called "hallucinogenic."

Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James of Expanded Eye design visual interpretations of the stories their clients share with them. Learn more about them from this interview with Huck Magazine.

3. This femme fatale who looks like she came right out of a film noir.

Instagram: @johnnygloom

Johnny Gloom defines her style as minimalist and black. Read more in an interview here.

4. This realist tattoo that refuses to idealize its subject.

Instagram: @matteopasqualin

Matteo Pasqualin specializes in black and gray portraiture.

5. This naturalistic tulip that you almost want to reach out and pick up.

Instagram: @alicerules

Alice Carrier from Wonderland Tattoo — who claims to have descended from Salem witches — is inspired by natural science and herbalism.

6. This crow that would blend right into a Goya etching.

Instagram: @davidallen

All of David Allen's work is painterly, but his mastectomy tattoos are truly beautiful.

7. This freehand line art that looks a whole lot like primitivism.

Paolo Bosson primarily does spontaneous, freehand tattoos, but he's done a few stencils like this awesome heart tattoo he did for his brother.

8. This insanely colorful phoenix that might make you think of the Japanese style of ukiyo-e.

Instagram: @yushitattoo

Yushi trained in traditional Japanese style before moving to Guru Tattoo in San Diego.

Fun fact: Ukiyo-e — a colorful, decorative genre in Japanese painting — influenced French artists like Van Gogh and Degas when trade opened between the two countries in the 19th century.

9. This abstraction that would've looked nice in the Met.

Instagram: @amandawachob

Amanda Wachob's tattoos are widely recognized in the tattoo community for their uniqueness and painterly style. You can read more about her here.

10. This op art that is definitely moving and you can't tell me otherwise.

Lewisink specializes in optical tattoos. See more of his work here.

11. This stained-glass St. Bartholomew that makes you hear church bells.

Instagram: @mikaeldepoissy

Mikael de Poissy is famous for his stained glass–inspired tattoos and is even the feature of a documentary series called Color My Skin.

12. This geometric globe that is probably 100% accurate.

Okan Uçkun relies on his experience as a practiced architect, photographer, videographer, and painter to create his tattoos. You can learn more about him in an interview he gave here.

13. This woman who is idealized in the tradition of neoclassicism.

Instagram: @loiseautattoo

Though Franck Solers — who goes by the name L'Oiseau — is also a painter, almost all of his tattoos are done in the style of a sketchbook.

14. This bunny that looks like it hopped right out of a Monet.

Instagram: @donna_tinta

Donna Tinta is known for her watercolor tattoos, many of which depict plants and animals like this one.

15. This pop-art-styled Zeus that is terrifyingly beautiful.

Sungan Baek bounces back and forth between pop art and classical, but every once in a while he combines them in gorgeous pieces like this one.

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