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    15 Tattoos That You Totally Get If You've Ever Taken An Art History Class

    The ink envy is real.

    1. This tattoo that looks like it was done by Picasso himself.

    2. These surrealist tattoos that Dali would've called "hallucinogenic."

    3. This femme fatale who looks like she came right out of a film noir.

    4. This realist tattoo that refuses to idealize its subject.

    5. This naturalistic tulip that you almost want to reach out and pick up.

    6. This crow that would blend right into a Goya etching.

    7. This freehand line art that looks a whole lot like primitivism.

    8. This insanely colorful phoenix that might make you think of the Japanese style of ukiyo-e.

    9. This abstraction that would've looked nice in the Met.

    10. This op art that is definitely moving and you can't tell me otherwise.

    11. This stained-glass St. Bartholomew that makes you hear church bells.

    12. This geometric globe that is probably 100% accurate.

    13. This woman who is idealized in the tradition of neoclassicism.

    14. This bunny that looks like it hopped right out of a Monet.

    15. This pop-art-styled Zeus that is terrifyingly beautiful.