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The Rihanna Jet-Skiing Photo Is From 2011 But Still As Iconic As Ever

A timeless piece.

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This weekend an image that should probably be framed and hung in the Louvre resurfaced. It's a photographical masterpiece.

It's Rihanna riding a jetski with her legs crossed and off to the side, taken in 2011, but timeless.

Why is Rih riding a jet ski with her legs crossed? I'm crying

This is how you, a human somewhere between average and below average, ride a jet ski:

Vm / Getty Images

And this is how Rihanna rides a jet ski:

Splash News

You ride with your legs over the middle part and your favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory.

Benjaminjk / Getty Images

Rihanna rides side-saddle without a fuckin' care in the world and only watches Netflix originals!!!

Splash News

It is literally l'art.

Rihanna riding side saddle on a jet ski, Barbados, c.2011 // Charles Emile Carlos-Duran, 'Madamoiselle in Riding Co…

And also this meme made me lol:

Basically this pic is forever relevant!!!

Mood: Rihanna forlornly riding a jetski side-saddle

Jetskiing Rihanna for President!

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