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Alberta's "Lawnmower Man" Had The Best Float In His Hometown Parade

He's still keeping an eye on it.

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Remember Alberta's "lawnmower man" who kept cutting his grass even though a giant tornado was swirling nearby?

Cecilia Wessels

Theunis Wessels of Three Hills, Alberta, just kept doing his thing when most people would have run inside for safety.

When asked about it later, Wessels told the Canadian Press that it looked like the tornado was moving away from him, so he figured he might as well finish the job.

"I was keeping an eye on it," he said.

He threw on his blue shorts and orange shirt to re-create the scene for a parade in his hometown, and it was just perfect.

Debbi Debs / Via Twitter: @treesfjnale

The float, which identified Three Hills as the "home of the lawnmower man," also included a miniature tornado.

Wessels is going viral again after Twitter user @treesfjnale shared photos from the parade.

so the lawnmower guy lives in my town and he was in the parade today i can’t stop laughigngjfjfjfj

The Twitter user, who asked only to be identified as Michala, told BuzzFeed Canada the parade was part of the Three Hills celebration of Canada 150, held on July 8.


People are definitely here for "lawnmower man."

Well done, Alberta.

When Alberta is good, it's unbeatable.

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