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19 British Kids TV Shows That Seriously Need To Come Back

If Raven and The Worst Witch are coming back then these should too!

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1. Get Your Own Back


Get Your Own Back was all about giving kids rights and avenging the terrible injustices inflicted on them by the adults in their life. Without this show do children even have rights anymore?

2. 50/50


Every '00s kid wished so badly that their school would be on this show and that they would get to run around on inflatables and wave their hands around at every victory. Without 50/50 schools today probably like each other and get on, ugh.

10. The Tweenies


The Tweenies was just Friends for children, but with less sex and more singing. The show mainly needs to come back because of that Jam of an intro song.

11. TMI


Some may call TMI the poor man's SMTV but they would be wrong. It had the best games on their website and pretty much every week we got to see either Sam and Mark be gunged, which was a blessing.

12. Grange Hill


Without Grange Hill primary school kids probably aren't scared of high school and probably have realistic views of the drama levels that go on there. We must put an end to this and bring the show back!

13. Byker Grove


Byker Grove honestly dealt with a lot of issues that probably helped a lot of kids watching it. Also, it introduced us to Ant & Dec so we obviously need it to come back to continue the legacy of TV double acts.

14. The Queen's Nose


There is a whole generation of children going around and not rubbing 50p coins, they could be missing out on precious wishes! They need to be taught proper 50p etiquette and see this show.

17. Bamzooki


Nothing was as fun as building your own zook online and showing it to your friends, and now nothing is better as an adult than realising that it was just a bunch of kids yelling at a table. BRING BACK BAMZOOKI!

18. Bernard's Watch


Bernard's Watch is responsible for encouraging kids to think about what kind of shit they'd fuck up if they could stop time. Without the show children don't have imaginations.

19. Kerching!


Kerching! is potentially the most wholesome show in existence and without it children don't know how to love their mothers and don't have aspirations to "make a million for my mum". Bring it back!

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