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    Posted on Jul 10, 2017

    19 Times Dogs Were Kind Of A Dick, But Still Adorable AF

    Who's a good boy? None of these guys.

    1. When this lil' bather took a dip.

    There are 2 stray thirsty dogs and mine wants to be an asshole

    2. When this neighborhood watcher was on duty.

    There's a dog in my neighborhood who just sits on his balcony and judges people and he is my absolute favorite

    3. When this dog was caught in the act.


    4. When this dog had to be told.

    Just heard a guy at the dog park tell his dog "NO!" and then more quietly, "We talked about this!"

    5. When this dog just wanted to play catch.

    Every year. EVERY YEAR. Charlie always thinks the clementines are balls and just stares waiting for you to throw…

    6. When no security could keep this guy imprisoned.

    "Chill my dog can't get out of the gate" 😂

    7. When this friendly fella didn't want to be left alone.

    He kept following me & I had to shower so I let him stay in the bathroom then he cried because he couldnt see me so

    8. When this dog just wasn't in the mood.

    My dog refused to go on a walk with me today, look at how extra he is

    9. When this dog had front seat privileges.

    my dad had the dog sit up front while me and my mom and brother sit in the back

    10. When cameras caught this lot in the act.

    11. When this dog probably needed a paternity test.

    This is my dog & her baby daddy... & this is my dog & her babies.

    12. When this "guard dog" tried to get people to leave.

    My uncles guard dog makes mean faces till you go away

    13. When this dog just needed a place to sit.

    Ever since we got a puppy he just lays on my older dog and my older dog just gave up

    14. When this dog just wanted to join in.

    15. And this one, too.

    16. When this dog was not happy with the addition of a new family member.

    I swear I think I just captured my dog figuring out that I'm pregnant. He's pissed

    17. When this dog was feeling kind of hungry.

    In case you're having a bad day, here is a video of my dog trying to eat through my glass door

    18. When this lost dog was found.

    Is this your dog? Caught by Officer at Robinswood Park. Was wearing a sweater and blue pants, and very angry. Conta…

    19. And when this dog ruined Christmas.

    @David_Barrett5 there's the culprit she can't move

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