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What Kind Of Strange Habit Have You Picked Up From Your Parents?

Always keep your plastic bags in another plastic bag.

Mums. We love 'em.

They are adorable ladies who love us even when we're a mess.

But you gotta admit, a lot of mums have some odd habits.

Like everyone knows a mum who keeps all her Tupperware, even if it's mismatching and the cupboard is about to spill open at any given time.

And we all know a mum who keeps her plastic bags inside another plastic bag, then puts them all in the pantry or under the sink.

Why does every parent ever have a cabinet in their house where they store a plastic bag filled with other plastic b… https://t.co/i1k3FCi2oI

So share with us: What's a habit you've picked up from your mum and find yourself doing now that you're older?