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    15 Moments From "Wonder Woman" That Are Eerily Similar To Your Favorite Disney Princess Movies

    Minus the music and animal sidekick.

    1. When Diana was a boss with a bow and arrow like Merida:

    2. And when she changed out of her dress on horseback like Belle:

    2017 aesthetic: female protagonists ripping off their fancy gowns before riding horseback into the woods to stop me…

    3. When Diana tied up her love interest like Rapunzel:

    4. Or when she climbed something very vertical like Mulan:

    5. When she strutted fearlessly towards danger like Moana:

    6. When Diana took on a disguise like Jasmine:

    7. When she slow-danced outside like Aurora:

    8. When Diana lead a cinematic masterpiece like Mulan:

    this mulan trailer in a wonder woman style is incredible

    9. Or that time she was surprised by her own power like Elsa:

    10. When Diana put on clothes she would never normally wear like Tiana:

    11. Or how about when she dove off a cliff like Pocahontas:

    12. When Diana got into a fight with her mom like Merida:

    13. When she crashed a ball in blue like Cinderella:

    14. When Diana stared at the edge of the water like Moana:

    I'm beginning to sense a pattern in movies I love... #moana #wonderwoman

    15. And, of course, when Diana saved a man from drowning like Ariel:

    All hail the Princess of the Amazons! 👑🙌

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