17 Moments That Will Speak To Your Soul If You Entirely Loathe Doing Laundry

    "I'd rather clean the kitchen and the bathroom simultaneously than do laundry... "

    1. When just disposing of dirty clothes sounds reasonable.

    2. When you just aren't in the mood to put the clothes away.

    3. When even giving up entirely creates more stress.

    4. When you pull the clothes out of the dryer to see one giant knot.

    5. When the future looks grim.

    6. When you look through your wineglass only to see a stack of dirty clothes.

    7. When you can never find the other sock.

    8. When your to-do list looks a little like this.

    9. When a sigh of relief turns into anxiety.

    10. When the laundry basket just isn't big enough.

    11. When literally ANYTHING sounds better than doing laundry.

    12. When you get kind of delirious.

    13. When you realize "adulting" is never ending.

    14. When you just forget about the clothes in general.

    15. When there's no such thing as progress.

    16. When you realize exercising may not be worth it.

    17. And when you wonder how having this much laundry is humanly possible.