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    Posted on Jul 10, 2017

    17 Quirks People From Essex Don't Realise Are Weird

    Having to avoid the seaside because the whole of London is there.

    1. Saying you’re from London even though it takes you an hour to get there.

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    2. And spending half your working day on the actual commute there.

    3. Using the word “mate” as a full stop.

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    4. Having to avoid the seaside in your own county because the whole of London will be there on sunny days.

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    5. Dropping “Hello” in favour of opening all conversations with “Alright?”.

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    6. Being unable to drive anywhere without being overtaken by a modified car with a dump valve.

    7. Knowing someone who is in TOWIE but never admitting it however many times you're asked.


    8. Getting frustrated that people always talk about Basildon just because it's got that cringeworthy sign.

    9. Not using the word "sick" to describe someone who's unwell, but for something that's great.

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    10. People from outside of Essex treating it like a tourist destination to see Essex girls and boys in their natural habitat.

    11. Having friends you actually don’t know the name of because their nickname is so engrained.


    12. Halting all conversation while travelling through the Dartford Tunnel because you’re holding your breath.

    13. And 20-minute tailbacks at the Dartford Tunnel being standard.

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    14. Dropping consonants left, right, and centre.


    15. Spending as much on the cab home from London as you did on the actual night out.

    16. Always, pronouncing fucking as "faaacking" and bloody hell as "blaaady ‘ell".


    17. Constantly being in a confused state of being fiercely proud of where you’re from and wanting to run away from it.

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