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15 Trendy Earrings That You Can Make Instead Of Buy

Anthro style for Claire's prices.

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2. String some pom poms together for earrings that are fun to fiddle with.

Never getting anything done with these cat toys attached to my ears. Learn how to make these earrings on Homemade Banana. The chain they list is a bit pricey but you can get a small package at Michaels for $3.99.

6. Forgot your earrings at home? Cool, make some out of paper clips and magazine clippings.

You bought your earrings? LOL. These are made of stuff I stole from the office. Learn how to put them together on OHOH Blog.

14. Knot some embroidery floss into tassels to flaunt this summery trend.

You could spend about $10 on the supplies to make these tassel earrings or you could buy the exact same pair on Anthropologie for $108. Up to you.

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