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    33 Things That'll Make You Say, "Why Don't I Own That Already?"

    From bathing suits to Q&A journals to Harry Potter-inspired workout wear: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

    1. This one-piece comfortable enough to wear from the pool to lunch, back to the pool, and then to your second lunch.

    2. A set of hangers that'll give you a place to put those tank tops that always end up on the floor.

    3. These waterproof lip glosses strong enough to stay on all day.

    4. A watch to make sure you're always on time...or like, close enough.

    5. These sunglasses people will definitely think are vintage.

    6. This bookmark that just wants to be there for you.

    7. Some pens you'll use to sign all those important declarations that need your autograph.

    8. A pair of socks because you love buffalo wings and the world should know it.

    9. A T-shirt for anyone confused about your form of transportation.

    10. A set of Never Curl to prevent your rug's corners from curling up (and thus help stop you from falling down).

    11. Some highlighters for when all your studying becomes a total pill.

    12. This hat you can wear when you go to Chewy Chicken with Filbert and Heffer.

    13. A glass mug that'll make you feel like you're drinking an icy beverage in the arctic.

    14. A tote bag perfect for all those trips to the beach.

    15. A lip gloss-filled fidget spinner because regular fidget spinners just don't deal with your chapped lip needs.

    16. A patch to honor all those we lost in the great meteor shower of 65,000,000 BC.

    17. A set of stretchable lids so everything in your house can become a storage container.

    18. This rice-water cleansing oil and foam to help brighten your skin while giving you a soft and glowing complexion.

    19. This floral one-piece cute enough to wear as a top with a pair of jeans.

    20. A pillow cover that says everything you feel.

    21. This super cute Alice In Wonderland blouse to wear to afternoon tea.

    22. A game of Yardzee because how much fun would it be to yell "Yardzee" really loud and scare your neighbors?

    23. A rice cooker that works in your microwave.

    24. A rosewater mist that's been vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy to a higher vibration -- which is believed to be more beneficial for your skin.

    25. This floral top you'll wear a million different ways.

    26. A three-year Q&A journal so you and your SO are always on the same page.

    27. This sports bra because it's gonna take a very serious magical spell to get me to the gym.

    28. Some cat-eye sunnies perfect for when you go have breakfast at your girl Tiffany's place.

    29. A candle specifically designed to help eliminate all those pet odors throughout your home.

    30. A sword tea diffuser because even a knight in shining armor needs to stop for a tea every now and then.

    31. This phone case with everyone's favorite blue head on it.

    32. This off-the-shoulder top for nights when you have nothing to wear.

    33. And some gap covers because all those crumbs you're collecting between your counter and stove aren't cute.

    Buying that Harry Potter sports bra to sit at my computer and online shop.