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    So, Penis Contouring Might Be A Thing And We're Not Even Surprised Anymore

    We can thank Jeffree Star for this.

    Since it's 2017, I'm going to assume we all know how contouring works, right?

    Though other makeup trends have taken the spotlight lately, contouring is still a thing. Kim Kardashian even launched a line of contouring sticks which is expected to make more than $14 million in sales.

    And though we've seen a lot of bizarre ways to apply makeup recently, we sort of thought the whole ~makeup and genitalia~ trend was over after that girl used her boyfriend's balls as a beautyblender. But it wasn't.

    i think i started a new instagram makeup trend

    Last month, Jeffree Star uploaded a video with YouTube personality, Shane Dawson, in which he made an ~interesting~ confession about penis contouring.

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    As Shane was getting glammed by Jeffree, he asked the makuep guru if he'd ever "put makeup on his penis for fun," to which he replied: "Yeah I contour my shaft a lot.”

    Shane jokingly followed with: “If I did that it would disappear”, before adding: “Wait, what? Do you contour it when it's flopping or when it’s hard?"

    Jeffree then explained that he applies the makeup on his penis* when he is fully erect, but doesn't really go into detail about how he does it.

    Weirdly, Jeffree isn't a pioneer in this field. There are other penis conturing enthusiasts out there, though they don't seem to take it too seriously.

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    New tutorial idea? Or was he just being sarcastic?