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So, Penis Contouring Might Be A Thing And We're Not Even Surprised Anymore

We can thank Jeffree Star for this.

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Since it's 2017, I'm going to assume we all know how contouring works, right?

Instagram: @belladelune

And though we've seen a lot of bizarre ways to apply makeup recently, we sort of thought the whole ~makeup and genitalia~ trend was over after that girl used her boyfriend's balls as a beautyblender. But it wasn't.

i think i started a new instagram makeup trend

Last month, Jeffree Star uploaded a video with YouTube personality, Shane Dawson, in which he made an ~interesting~ confession about penis contouring.

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Weirdly, Jeffree isn't a pioneer in this field. There are other penis conturing enthusiasts out there, though they don't seem to take it too seriously.

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