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15 Cleaning Products That'll Give You Dramatic Before-And-After Photos

Better than the "staircase reveal" in She's All That.

1. A plant-based, natural stain remover inspired by Britney Spears' hit song "Non-Toxic."

2. A stainless steel cleaner not intended to clean the man of steel. You still need to shower, buddy.

3. A secret spot remover in a tiny 2 oz. bottle you'll want to carry in your purse. Accidents happen. Be prepared.

4. Restore kit wipes that'll have your headlights singing, "I can see clearly now, the accumulated dust and dirt is gone."

5. A wine stain remover for when your red, red wine doesn't want to stay close to you. Give it some space.

6. A stain remover that yells "SAYONARA" to makeup on white T-shirts and oil stains on your favorite blouse.

7. A wood polish and conditioner guaranteed to have you crying tears of pure joy. Such *stifles sob* amazing results.

8. A stain and odor cleaner for when your good boy goes through the whole "rebellious teenager" phase.

9. A pumice cleaning stone that removes stubborn hard water stains. Your toilet will be so grateful two you.

10. An adhesive remover currently on Match.com, looking for an S/O that's not clingy. The last relationship just didn't stick.

11. A power scrubber to replace the ratty old toothbrush you were previously using to clean the crevices in your home.

12. A mold and mildew remover designed to karate chop the crap out of...mold and mildew.

13. A water mark remover cloth for people who have many, many coffee rings on their furniture.

14. A cleaner and deodorizer designed to have you smelling your carpet à la the people in those Febreze commercials.

15. Magic Eraser cleaning sponges that may as well be invented by an actual magician. These bad boys clean soap scum so freakin' well.

How it feels to get that stubborn stain off your coffee table.