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This Grandma Fed A Duck Once And Now He's Her Best Friend

His name is Chuck. Chuck the duck.

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Savannah Alverson is a 21-year-old college student from Houston.

Savannah's grandma, Miriam, lives in Florida and recently found herself the subject of hundreds of Facebook friend requests after Savannah tweeted out a story about her grandma's new friend: Chuck the duck.


See, about a week and a half ago Savannah's grandma noticed a striking black duck in her yard that was much friendlier than usual ducks. Miriam offered the duck some food and since then "Chuck" has been returning three times a day.

my grandma fed a duck once & now he comes over for lunch every single day

Savannah's tweet about the whole thing blew up with over 10,000 retweets. "The reactions have been 99% positive responses," she told BuzzFeed News.

One thing Savannah didn't realise about her tweet was that her Grandma's Facebook account name was in each picture. The result: hundreds of friend requests for Miriam.

@SavAlverson @deduceholmes im going to add your grandma on FB btw

"I think she is accepting almost all of them," Savannah said.


In an email, Savannah's grandma said Chuck the duck was visiting two to three times a day. He's even started bringing his "girlfriends," Miriam said. "He is very handsome and knows it."


"Ever since [Miriam] moved to Florida she's been by herself and been very lonely," said Savannah. "She's definitely loving the company from her little duck friend."

meemaw is so happy that her and Chuck are twitter famous

"I put him on Facebook and asked for names, we chose Chuck the duck, and now he is just one of the neighbours," said Miriam.


Chuck spends a lot of time in a nearby pond. "He's obviously very happy there," said Miriam.

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