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26 Filipino Celebrity Tweets That Belong In A Fucking Museum

"I like toes."

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1. When Janella Salvador just had to say it for all of us.

Twitter: @superjanella


2. 2013 was a weird time for James Reid, I guess.

3. When Enrique Gil got excited for KFC, not knowing that he'll be an endorser for McDonald's years later.

4. When Liza Soberano basically invented the phrase "c ac0e."

5. We're gonna need more context on this, Kathryn.

6. You too, mars Pia.

7. When Yassi Pressman was basically like, "Fuck it, imma be a comedienne."

8. When Ethel Booba had beef with Linsay Lohan.

9. When Jolina Magdangal gave helpful airport lounge food reviews.

Thanks, Jolens. Noted po.
Twitter: @mariajolina

Thanks, Jolens. Noted po.

10. It happens to the best of us, mumshie.

11. LITERALLY THE BEST OF THE WORLD, the universe, rather.

12. True.

13. When 2009 Megan Young needed some lessons on Mean Girls.

14. When Kylie Versoza got sita and made all of us alam about it.

15. When Maxine Medina was all about self love.


16. When Atom Araullo tweeted like he was asking you for some load kasi e2 bg0ng number q..`

17. When Mar Roxas basically explained how Twitter works.

Thanks, Mar.
Twitter: @MARoxas

Thanks, Mar.

18. When Mocha Uson was still at peace with the media.

2011 was a simpler time. :')
Twitter: @MochaUson

2011 was a simpler time. :')

19. That time Bianca Gonzalez proved she was a risk-taker.

We're proud of you, Bianca!
Twitter: @iamsuperbianca

We're proud of you, Bianca!

20. When Enchong Dee welcomed the new year with this bomb selfie.

21. Proof that Kim Chiu is the KWEEN of Philippine martial arts.

22. Proof that Dingdong Dantes should be president of Twitter.

23. And proof that mahal na mahal ni Chito Miranda ang Burger Machine. Iba kasi talaga ang Burger Machine. Sobrang swerte n'ya talaga.


25. There, there. We've all been there, Sam.

26. And finally, when Angel Locsin taught us all the wonders of math in less than 140 characters.


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