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    33 Chrissy Teigen Instagram Posts That'll Actually Make You LOL

    She's truly the queen of captions.

    1. When she stole John's photo for her own Instagram.

    2. When she adopted this pose.

    3. When she made this observation.

    4. As well as this one.

    5. When she anticipated the mom-shamers before they even began.

    7. And when she anticipated these comments, too.

    8. When she regretted this decision.

    9. When she proved she's not biased.

    10. When she wished Donald Trump a happy birthday.

    11. When she got emotional over pie.

    12. When she couldn't even with Instagram commenters.

    13. And when she sent her followers on a damn scavenger hunt for this recipe.

    14. When she was excited for Halloween.

    15. Even if Luna wasn't.

    16. When she told this romantic story.

    17. When she really promoted her Snapchat content.

    18. When she had some thoughts about her tan.

    19. When she shared this behind the scenes shot.

    20. When she shared her favourite Grammy's moment.

    21. When she delivered the perfect clapback to body-shamers.

    22. When she discovered this fact.

    23. When her renovations were going swimmingly.

    24. When she ordered this burrito.

    25. And used it as a table.

    26. When she received this gift.

    27. When she made a trip to a bakery.

    28. When she was super stoked with her anniversary date night.

    29. When she got John's fried chicken recipe.

    30. When she was all of us being healthy.

    31. When she passed on her wisdom.

    32. When she discovered this during a house move.

    33. And, finally, when she congratulated John like this.

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