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    59 Cute And Fun Date Ideas That You'll Wanna Try ASAP

    Forget all those nights of asking, "Well, what do you want to do?"

    1. Sing your hearts out during a night of at-home karaoke.

    couple singing and dancing together

    2. Pick out your favorite cheeses and make your own custom charcuterie boards.

    Butter board next to sliced bread

    3. Educate yourself on something new.

    two people in an art gallery

    4. Stream a virtual concert from the comfort of your couch.

    Beyoncé's Homecoming, anyone?

    5. Watch an episode of your favorite Nickelodeon show.

    6. Get tickets to a show at the planetarium.

    Brush up on your space facts beforehand if you really want to impress your date.

    7. Make a scrapbook of your favorite memories.

    Or, if you're not the crafty type, design a photo book together and send it off to get printed professionally.

    8. Play MASH with each other and find out where you're going to live one day.

    A couple sitting at table and playing a game

    9. Curl up with a cup of ~gourmet~ hot cocoa.

    Or make it a spiked hot chocolate for an extra kick.

    10. Try your hand at crafting some cocktails.

    11. Look after a Tamagotchi for as long as possible without it dying.

    12. Learn how to make a new dish together.

    A couple learning to cook together in their home kitchen

    13. Tour a local historic site.

    14. Work on your short game with some mini golf.

    golf ball on grass

    15. Create a scavenger hunt around your house (or your neighborhood).

    16. Hit the arcades.

    two people playing an arcade game

    17. Break out the beer mugs and do your own tasting of some local brews.

    18. Dine in with a living room picnic.

    picnic basket

    19. Test your chess skills and get a game going against each other.

    20. Volunteer together.

    While you're saving, why not give something back, too? Food banks, shelters, and older people's charities are all great places to start.

    21. Adopt a dog for a day.

    See if any animal shelters in your area participate in Doggy Day Out, which gives community members the chance to take local shelter dogs on day outings — helping the dogs to expend extra energy and deal with kennel stress.

    22. Make the fanciest Lunchables you can!

    23. Go out for a nice meal.

    Yes, you heard us correctly. Indulge in the classic date activity and head out to one of your favorite restaurants. Bon appétit!

    24. Grab your hiking boots and hit the trails.

    a couple hiking in the woods

    25. Relax in your at-home spa.

    Plan a chill night in with a spa theme. Find your favorite scented candles, bring out your comfiest robe, and decide on what makes you both relax. Whether it's a DIY face mask or a bubble bath, feel the stress melt away together at home!

    26. Learn about each other with questionnaires and personality tests.

    Do you know each other's love languages? How about your Myers-Briggs personality? Quizzes are a delightful way to learn more about your partner and their quirks. And if you want to know what type of chicken wing they are, you know we got that on BuzzFeed.

    27. Read each other Goosebumps books in the dark.

    28. Have a romantic candlelit dinner.

    candlelit dinner table

    29. Get competitive with a game night!

    Hand holding two dice with board game in the background

    30. Do an at-home wine tasting with bottles you've never tried before.

    31. Go stargazing in your backyard on a clear night!

    What's more romantic than cuddling up on a blanket in the grass and taking in the beauty of the night sky? While stargazing, you could make a game of searching for major constellations and planets. Or if you want a more relaxing vibe, share some earbuds and listen to a "space-themed" playlist.

    32. Work on a DIY project you've been wanting to do.

    33. Play your favorite Sega Mega Drive games.

    34. Enjoy a decadent dessert together.

    Love is sweet so make some treats! Indoor s'mores? Chocolate fondue? Ice cream sundae bar, anyone?

    35. Compete to find your dream home.

    Go to and pick a random city. Then, each of you will pick several houses in that city. Then, pitch each other Shark Tank-style on why you think the houses you chose are better than your partner's.

    36. Catch a preview show from a top comedy act.

    37. Play a game of Would You Rather?

    38. Challenge yourselves and work on a puzzle.

    39. Marathon a series you've had on your list or rewatch one you love.

    40. Play a game of bingo.

    41. Break a sweat and exercise together.

    42. Make a bunch of appetizers for dinner.

    43. Try out a date night subscription box like Happily, Crated with Love, or Unbox Love.

    44. Tie-dye or bleach-dye some old clothes you have lying around.

    45. Start planning your next vacation.

    46. Check out your old MySpace profiles and have a good laugh at each other's embarrassing teenage years

    47. Go buy childhood snacks, for the nostalgic '90s and early-'00s kids.

    Buy the childhood snacks you weren't allowed to have as kids. Then do a taste-test and rank them from best to worst.

    48. Recreate the magic of your first date.

    49. Indulge your adventurous side with some geocaching.

    If you're after something a bit different, then why not try the urban adventure that is geocaching? It's effectively the world's largest treasure hunt.

    People from all over hide little boxes containing a logbook and you have to use GPS coordinates to try and find them. When you do, you log your name, put it back, and go off to find your next one. It's incredibly addictive.

    50. Grab some canvases and do your own paint night.

    51. Test your knowledge with a good old-fashioned trivia night.

    52. Build a blanket and pillow fort, and have a cozy movie night.

    Forts are not just for kids anymore. And who doesn't enjoy a comfy little hangout nook? Especially if you bring up the ambiance by hanging up some fairy lights. Don't forget your laptop and a bowl of popcorn.

    53. Play a video game together and show off your skills.

    54. Nab some free audience tickets for a primetime TV show.

    It's a brilliant, unique night out and totally free!

    55. Park up at a drive-in movie.

    Drive-in movie theater

    56. Camp overnight in your backyard.

    57. Make a delicious brunch at home complete with bottomless drinks of your choice!

    58. Indulge in an ice cream sundae bar with all of the best toppings.

    59. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant.

    This post contains content from Syd Robinson, Michele Bird, and hlmccarthy.