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July 9, 2017

You're Only Allowed To Keep Eating Chinese Food If You Get 8/10 On This Quiz

Do you like Chinese food as much as you say you do? Prove it.

Your Zodiac Sign Will Reveal Which Logic Song You Should Listen To

♫Everybody love, everybody know, how it go♫

Flash Briefing For July 10, 2017

Here's what happened in the news this weekend.

Which Alice Cooper Are You?

Do you belong in Riverdale or on the stage?

This Test Will Reveal If You’re Really Ready For Season 7 Of "Game Of Thrones"

Test your knowledge of Season 6 before Season 7 begins!

Australia's News Channel And What It Learned From Fox News

BuzzFeed News has spoken to reporters and presenters at Sky News about the late night right wing opinion dominating its station.

19 Of The Most Hilarious Tweets By Women This Week

"I need a sugar daddy to buy me a pick up truck and then leave me alone forever."

19 Beyond Clever Superhero Room Ideas You'll Want To Steal

The Batcave will have nothing on your kid's room.

21 Times Lisa Simpson Was So Relatable It Hurt

"What will my life be like after I descend into mediocrity?"

These Ladies Styled A Dude And Gave Him His Mojo Back

This is kind of like a rebirth for him.

You're A True Southerner Only If You've Eaten 20/28 Of These Foods

All with a glass of sweet tea, of course!

17 Things That Are Too Damn Real If You Used LimeWire


40 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A floral off-the-shoulder dress, microwave rice cooker, boiled egg peeler, and 37 other favorite products from our recent posts.

Can You Pick The Wrong Ingredient?

Get that onion out of my pesto!

21 Crime Novels That Will Definitely Turn You Into Sherlock Holmes

Will you be able to get to the bottom of these?

23 Desk Toys Under $10 That Will Make Work So Much More Fun

AKA fidget spinners for office workers.

28 Awesome Things You Should Buy From H&M Right Now

Featuring a printed sundress, liquid foundation, and a tie-dye bathing suit, because it's the most magical time of the year — SUMMER!

21 Cartoons That Are Systematically Fucked Up

More than just your everyday talking animals.

18 Real AF Tumblr Posts That Sum Up How You Feel About Coffee

"Drinking too much coffee can cause a latte problems."

15 Pairs Of Jeans That Just Can't Be For Real, I'm Sorry

We're onto you, designers. You can't fool us.

Trump Takes Back His Plans For A Cybersecurity Unit With Russia

About 12 hours after tweeting that he wanted to form "an impenetrable Cyber Security unit" with Russia, President Donald Trump said he didn't actually mean it.

You Can’t Watch "Arthur" If You Get Less Than 7/10 On This Quiz

And I say, "Hey!" you better get these right today.

20 Bags And Accessories You Won't Struggle To Find At Baggage Claim

"Is that my luggage?" —said no one EVER AGAIN.

What's The Most Underrated TV Show On Netflix?

From reality TV to sitcoms and everything in between, what shows are you obsessed with right now?

Makeup Lover Vs. Makeup Hater

Full face or "au naturel," which one are you?

20 Life-Saving Products For Anyone With Frizzy Hair

Because summer humidity is the WORST.

Sim, você pode fazer batata chips em casa usando o apenas o seu micro-ondas

Todo o sabor da batatinha feita em casa sem cobrir a cozinha toda de óleo acidentalmente.

12 Weird Things About Humans That We Would Have To Explain To Aliens

If aliens are watching us, they must think we're really weird.

The Hardest Game Of "Which Starbucks Drink Must Go?" You'll Ever Play

When every drink tastes so good, how do you choose?

Iraq's Prime Minister Has Declared The "Liberation" Of Mosul From ISIS

Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been displaced and traumatized in the nine-month operation to retake the city.

29 Momente, die Nicht-Brillenträger niemals verstehen werden

Du kannst nicht mit ihr leben, du kannst nicht ohne sie leben.

19 Golden Retriever, die dich an das Gute in der Welt erinnern

Sie sind wirklich die reinsten Tiere auf diesem Planeten.

18 choses qui arrivent constamment aux filles grandes


Le casting de «Game of Thrones» dans la série vs. dans la vraie vie

Il y a... beaucoup de monde dans cette série.

16 photos de fruits pelés un peu dérangeantes mais aussi étrangement satisfaisantes

On ne devrait tout simplement jamais éplucher les citrons.

Ce quiz révèlera votre véritable destin

Il est temps de découvrir ce que l'avenir vous réserve.

ローラ、土屋太鳳… 浴衣姿を披露した芸能人たち


ISIS Is Losing Ground In The Middle East. This Is Where It Could Turn Next.

As the bloody siege of the city of Marawi continues into second month, the Philippines' restive region is becoming the perfect incubator for extremist groups in Southeast Asia.

Three-Quarters Of Women Fleeing Domestic Violence Are Being Turned Away From Refuges

While searching for a refuge space, 11% of survivors slept rough, including women who had children with them, and women who were pregnant.



This Man Lost Half His Face To Cancer, But Had It Rebuilt With Skin From His Arms And Legs

The pioneering surgery has given him a new lease on life. Warning: This article contains images some may find disturbing.

People Are Sharing This Australian Journalist’s Brutal Takedown Of Trump’s Foreign Policy

"He was an uneasy, lonely, awkward figure at this gathering."

生姜香る♪ シトラスジンジャースカッシュ


These Tiny Twins Are Honestly The Best Thing On Instagram RN

I can't even get one kid dressed, man.

Dean Smith Will Take A Same-Sex Marriage Bill To The Liberal Party Room

The WA senator will push for the government to drop the plebiscite and allow a free vote.

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