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    25 Pairs Of Oversized Sunglasses To Help You Avoid People

    Talk to the shades.

    1. Some pink, mirrored cateyes perfect for days you just can't deal with people.

    2. A pair of dark sunglasses with all-encompassing lens to cover half your face.

    3. Some geometric metal cat eyes for dodging people with feline grace.

    4. A pair of mirrored glasses to keep your eyes a well-kept secret.

    5. A pair of multi-circled sunglasses for a forgotten-sixth-Spice-Girls-member look.

    6. Some huge pink tortoiseshell stunners that look like you're on your way to a fairytale vacation.

    7. A chunky pair of '70s-esque sunnies for putting actual decades between you and other people.

    8. An aviator/wayfarer hybrid that's perfect when paired with a hat and trench coat for making a quick getaway.

    9. Some pink, marbled stunners for hiding out at the pool.

    10. A pair of classic mirrored aviators to wear while you jet right out of here.

    11. A darling pair of hearts for when hanging out is not in the cards.

    12. A colorful pair of statement sunnies that will do the talking for you.

    13. Some circle shades for a less-friendly Mickey Mouse look.

    14. Some bulky tortoiseshell shades you'll want to keep handy when the heat is on.

    15. A pair of round glasses with the outlines of subtle hearts etched in them to make up for all the heart emojis you're absolutely not sending anyone.

    16. A pair of black sunglasses that are the cat's meow.

    17. A larger-than-life version of wayfarers you'll want to wear all summer.

    18. Some aviator shades that cover even more of your face than the usual version.

    19. A luxurious pair of gold sunnies to make you feel like royalty secretly slumming it with the rest of us.

    20. A spiky pair of sunnies that will make you look like a gorgeous supervillain.

    21. Some enormous reflective squares that scream "don't talk to me."

    22. Some brightly hued sunglasses for getting out of town in style.

    23. Some X-Men-esque visor shades that are just threatening enough to keep people several feet away.

    24. A pearl-lined pair of glasses to reflect your inner self: a closed oyster.

    25. Some precious pink aviators for when you want to look cute while dodging calls.

    We'll see you when you're ready to re-join society.