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    40 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    A floral off-the-shoulder dress, microwave rice cooker, boiled egg peeler, and 37 other favorite products from our recent posts.

    1. A floral off-the-shoulder dress for a standout date-night look.

    2. A microwave rice cooker that makes perfectly steamed rice every time, without the mess or hassle of using a pot or traditional rice cooker.

    3. A tie-dye dress you will live in all summer long.

    4. A set of drawer dividers that’ll make you want to leave your underwear drawer open.

    5. A pair of strappy flip-flops available in a bunch of fun colors. Fair warning: You’ll want them all.

    6. A set of egg peelers to save your fingers, especially if you love deviled eggs or egg salad, or you just eat a hard-boiled egg on the daily.

    7. A handy spatula so you can scrape out every last bit of your expensive beauty products before hitting up Sephora again.

    8. A vibrant neon dress you can wear as a bathing suit cover-up — or even rock offshore while running errands.

    9. A hanging strip that props up mops, broom, bats, etc., without damaging your walls.

    10. A sturdy natural-bristle brush you can use to dry-brush your skin for a healthy glow.

    11. A pot lid organizer for anyone sick of singing, "Where are you, pot lids? Why can’t I find you?"

    12. A pretty floor-length floral dress as comfortable as it's fierce.

    13. An omelet maker that delivers a delicious and healthy breakfast from the microwave to your plate in just minutes — and tastes like it was made on the stove!

    14. A 48-pack of alkaline batteries so you will never have to struggle with a dying TV remote again.

    15. A pair of shoelaces that won't ever get untied, so you won't ever have to do that bend over, lift your leg, in too-tight pants dance to tie them.

    16. A striped T-shirt dress as your new warm-weather go-to.

    17. A rainbow pool float so you can kick back, relax, and let your worries ~drift away~.

    18. A microneedling tool to lighten up acne scarring and hyperpigmentation without breaking the bank.

    19. A set of easy-release ice cube trays with a cover — so you can stay clear of any projectile ice blocks.

    20. A gorgeous deep V-neck dress perfect for your next beach getaway.

    21. A waterproof eyeliner you can legit wear to the pool and not worry about getting raccoon eyes.

    22. A therapeutic mint and shea butter balm with SPF to keep your pout protected.

    23. A waterproof phone bag so taking pictures of you and your friends doing cool shit underwater will be super easy.

    24. A belted swing dress complete with a darling swan scene on the skirt.

    25. A borderline magical machine for transforming frozen fruit into delicious soft serve — this thing'll basically get you through the whole summer.

    26. A ridiculously soft body pillow to help you finally get a good night's sleep (or nap).

    27. A stainless-steel bar that'll actually rid your hands of foul odors (even fish, garlic, and onions!).

    28. A maxi dress almost too perfect for all those outdoor parties you'll be going to this summer.

    29. A gift-wrap organizer known to hum "It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" all year long. Which is impossible, but okay.

    30. Some long-lasting eyebrow gel you've seen all over Instagram — and that actually works.

    31. An eight-in-one hanger designed for the bane of your closet’s existence: the dreaded tank top.

    32. A semi-permanent dye kit that will give you the pastel hair of your dreams.

    33. A four-in-one hammock float so you can splash around like a boss during your next pool party.

    34. A purse hanger that’ll make you stop and think, Hmm, I have SO MANY handbags. You’ll still only use one, though.

    35. An amazing boho beach mat to totally get you in the mood for some good vibrations and relaxation.

    36. An eyeshadow brush set so you can have the most beautiful makeup tools ever.

    37. A Gwen Stefani-inspired under-cabinet hook that's totally B-A-N-A-N-A-S, amirite?

    38. A memory foam mousepad to cushion and elevate your worn-out wrist — because no one likes pain.

    39. A sweet-smelling black sugar strawberry scrub that'll spoil your skin with each exfoliating glob.

    40. A Tweezerman facial hair remover with a twisting coil perfect for annihilating weird chin hairs en masse.

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