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    12 Weird Things About Humans That We Would Have To Explain To Aliens

    If aliens are watching us, they must think we're really weird.

    1. Humans need specific particle vibration in their food:

    2. Humans are adorable:

    3. Humans have two full sets of teeth:

    4. Humans have one true weakness, and it is kittens:

    5. Humans love fire:

    6. Humans need a familiar face:

    7. Do not be alarmed if a human's hair changes colors, it is normal:

    8. Humans are great in a dangerous situation:

    9. Humans wear not one, but two pants:

    10. Humans have many endearing qualities:

    11. Humans don't like plagiarism:

    12. And finally, humans are either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid: