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    Updated on Jan 23, 2019. Posted on Jul 9, 2017

    19 Beyond Clever Superhero Room Ideas You'll Want To Steal

    The Batcave will have nothing on your kid's room.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Put up one of these amazing superhero shelves.

    In addition to the options seen above, you can also get shelves featuring Captain America, Spiderman, and The Flash. Buy the Batman one on Etsy for $40, or check out the others for $25-27+.

    2. Take photos of your kid dressed as their favorite superheroes, then enlarge them to become wall art.

    Remind your kid every day how super they are! Find this cool superhero room idea and a number of other great ones at The Bakermama.

    3. Or decorate your kid's walls with these vintage superhero posters.

    Get the set of six here for $45+ on Etsy.

    4. Paint your kid's room the shade of their favorite superhero's costume.

    How cool is this? Find the precise costume color for dozens of heroes and villains here.

    5. Frame Lego Super Heroes in a shadow box.

    Superhero DIY anyone? Alternatively, you may be able to place a special order with the Etsy seller who made the one above.

    6. Transform an old dresser into a superhero-themed one using comics fabric.

    Learn how to make this bit of coolness at DudeMom.

    7. You can also transform a simple dresser into a spectacular Wonder Woman-themed one.

    Learn how to make this masterpiece yourself (it's easier than it looks) at The Kim Six Fix.

    8. Speaking of dressers, you can swap out the knobs for superhero ones. / Via

    Visit Etsy to get the top ones for $5.37+ each, and the bottom set for $21.49.

    9. Put a truly eye-catching nightlight on your kid's wall.

    Get the Iron Man face for $29.99 at Target. The hand comes separately for $29.99. You can also find other nightlights of this kind at the link featuring The Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman, Batman and others.

    10. These nightlight blocks might look even more impressive.

    Get one on Etsy for $35.

    11. This strikingly colorful rug will make any superhero room.

    Get one on Etsy for $59.99+.

    12. Superhero decals — like this badass Wonder Woman one — are perfect, especially when put down at your kid's eye level.

    These decals peel off, btw, so you're not stuck with them forever! Get this Wonder Woman one on Amazon for $27.50.

    13. These prints — which come with great lessons for your kid — are also spectacular for the walls.

    Get the set of three on Etsy for $14.75+.

    14. Storage boxes will add superhero-flair to your kid's room while keeping it from being a total mess.

    Nancy Pies / Via

    You can DIY your own with a glue gun or buy the Superman one on Amazon for $5.17. Also, if you scroll down on that link's page you will find Batman, Spiderman, and other superhero-themed storage boxes.

    15. Up for another cool DIY project? This Captain America string art piece will make your kid's room anything but generic.

    16. Swap out ceiling fan blades with these superhero-themed ones.

    Salt Lake Comic Con / Via Facebook: SaltLakeComicCon

    Get the set on Etsy for $65.99.

    17. Tie back curtains with a superhero mask.

    Get a set of two on Etsy for $8.50.

    18. Turn your kid's closet door into Superman's telephone booth.

    Polish The Stars

    19. And repurpose some old windows into the coolest Batman-themed headboard ever.

    Suzanne Volp / Via

    Now your kids might actually go to bed at the right bedtime!

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