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    Posted on Jul 9, 2017

    These Tiny Twins Are Honestly The Best Thing On Instagram RN

    I can't even get one kid dressed, man.

    When Peter Lok and Amber Yong found out they were having twins, they had no idea that they were about to give birth to full-blown INSTA-STARS.

    The Singapore-based couple started posting to Instagram as a way to track the growth of the girls, who were born prematurely.

    But WOAH did their account blow up fast. The toddlers, who will turn two this week, have over 330,000 followers on Instagram alone.

    I'm sorry, but can we be serious for a second?

    These kids...

    Are blowing...

    And then they started growing.

    Along with their parent's talent.

    Slaaaaaaaaaay Leia and Lauren.

    The girls have completely different personalities, and it's now up to mom and dad to capture them on the move.

    But somehow, they manage. They're even coming out with their own twin-spired clothing line.

    Follow more of their adventures at

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