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    23 Desk Toys Under $10 That Will Make Work So Much More Fun

    AKA fidget spinners for office workers.


    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Kinetic Sand, a brilliant and baffling material that feels like sand but molds like clay.

    It's sand that doesn't stick to your whole life!

    Get it for $9.97 at Walmart.

    2. Rope in a restless Midwestern coworker for the perfect desktop cornhole accomplice.

    Get it for $8.87 at Jet.

    3. An unassuming wooden fidget stick you can roll and walk around your desk.,

    Watching videos of these things is pretty mesmerizing.

    Get it for $7.34 at Walmart.

    4. A ~magic~ decision maker to help you with the tough decisions, like "Should I eat that half a bagel that's been sitting in the kitchenette since yesterday?"

    Get it for $7.46 at Jet.

    5. Kendama, a traditional Japanese cup-and-ball game that tests your hand-eye coordination.,

    Did you know that there are professional Kendama players and that I have crushes on all of them?

    Get it for $9.09 at Walmart.

    6. Silly Putty, which you can use instead of the copy machine (provided you're exclusively copying newspapers).

    Silly Putty has gotten me through a lot of really bad poetry readings, tbh.

    Get two for $4.25 at Jet.

    7. Pinblocks, the pixel-like blocks you can use to build basically anything (except possibly a new career).

    Instagram: @pinblocks,

    As seen on Shark Tank!

    Get it for $4.99 at Walmart.

    8. A Jacob's Ladder, an old-school wooden toy that's oddly beguiling.

    Get it for $5 at Jet.

    9. A Nanoblock kit so you can build the most adorable mini schnauzer to live on your desk...

    Via, Debibishop / Getty Images

    Schnauzer day going?

    Get it for $9.99 at Jet.

    10. ...or maybe you'd prefer a sleepy lil' koala?

    Get it for $9.99 at Jet.

    11. The Calm Cube, which is the fidget spinner's worldly older cousin.,

    Get it for $7.99 at Walmart.

    12. While we're on the subject of cubes, don't discount the Rubik's Cube! It's a classic for a reason.

    Fox / Via

    Get it for $7.89 at Walmart.

    13. For another brain-building toy, try a Hanayama Cast Puzzle, which has the potential to be highly rewarding or frustrating AF. Maybe both!

    Get it for $7.85 at Walmart.

    14. Or how about the deceptively challenging Snake Cube puzzle?

    Prill / Getty Images

    Get it for $9.65 at Walmart.

    15. (Everyone loves a) Slinky, the puppy of the desk-toy world.

    Get it for $7.59 at Walmart.

    16. A Koosh Ball, truly the most satisfying thing to toss and catch, won't cause a ruckus by bouncing away if you drop it.

    Eravau / Getty Images

    Plus, even people with rom-com-heroine levels of clumsiness can catch them!

    The Koosh Balls is low-key the MVP of the desk-toy world.

    Get it for $7.95 at Walmart.

    17. An old-timey wooden puzzle fidget you can twist into thousands of different shapes (aka desk art).

    Get it for $7.99 at Walmart.

    18. Magnetic putty, because magnets are a great mystery of the universe (don't @ me, I don't want to know).,

    Get it for $6.77 at Walmart.

    19. Or this celestial magnetic sculpture, because seriously, magnets are really fun to play with.

    Get it for $7.99 at Walmart.

    20. The world's tiniest Etch-a-Sketch, for ephemeral art or covert note-passing.

    Get it for $7.95 at Walmart.

    21. A handheld head scratcher that will relax you instantly, even as you touch base and circle back.

    Get it for $5.93 at Jet.

    22. A magnetic checkerboard that you can snap shut without ruining the game whenever your boss strolls by.

    Get it for $9.99 at Walmart.

    23. Desktop basketball, which you can play even when you're shorthanded.

    If you've been trying to make the nickname Hoops happen for yourself, here's your chance.

    Get it for $5.98 at Walmart.

    Watch out for the Mondays! I hear they're going around.

    20th Century Fox / Via

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