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    23 Desk Toys Under $10 That Will Make Work So Much More Fun

    AKA fidget spinners for office workers.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Kinetic Sand, a brilliant and baffling material that feels like sand but molds like clay.

    2. Rope in a restless Midwestern coworker for the perfect desktop cornhole accomplice.

    3. An unassuming wooden fidget stick you can roll and walk around your desk.

    4. A ~magic~ decision maker to help you with the tough decisions, like "Should I eat that half a bagel that's been sitting in the kitchenette since yesterday?"

    5. Kendama, a traditional Japanese cup-and-ball game that tests your hand-eye coordination.

    6. Silly Putty, which you can use instead of the copy machine (provided you're exclusively copying newspapers).

    7. Pinblocks, the pixel-like blocks you can use to build basically anything (except possibly a new career).

    8. A Jacob's Ladder, an old-school wooden toy that's oddly beguiling.

    9. A Nanoblock kit so you can build the most adorable mini schnauzer to live on your desk...

    10. ...or maybe you'd prefer a sleepy lil' koala?

    11. The Calm Cube, which is the fidget spinner's worldly older cousin.

    12. While we're on the subject of cubes, don't discount the Rubik's Cube! It's a classic for a reason.

    13. For another brain-building toy, try a Hanayama Cast Puzzle, which has the potential to be highly rewarding or frustrating AF. Maybe both!

    14. Or how about the deceptively challenging Snake Cube puzzle?

    15. (Everyone loves a) Slinky, the puppy of the desk-toy world.

    16. A Koosh Ball, truly the most satisfying thing to toss and catch, won't cause a ruckus by bouncing away if you drop it.

    17. An old-timey wooden puzzle fidget you can twist into thousands of different shapes (aka desk art).

    18. Magnetic putty, because magnets are a great mystery of the universe (don't @ me, I don't want to know).

    19. Or this celestial magnetic sculpture, because seriously, magnets are really fun to play with.

    20. The world's tiniest Etch-a-Sketch, for ephemeral art or covert note-passing.

    21. A handheld head scratcher that will relax you instantly, even as you touch base and circle back.

    22. A magnetic checkerboard that you can snap shut without ruining the game whenever your boss strolls by.

    23. Desktop basketball, which you can play even when you're shorthanded.

    Watch out for the Mondays! I hear they're going around.