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    17 Things That Are Too Damn Real If You Used LimeWire


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    1. The feeling of excitement (and naughtiness) you had when you first downloaded and installed LimeWire on your computer.

    The thought of all that free music was a thrill!

    2. Thinking the FBI was going to knockdown your door when you downloaded your first MP3.

    Twitter: @Hard2Exxxplain

    Or possibly arrest your parents!

    3. The happiness you felt when the song you were looking for had multiple users sharing it.

    Twitter: @BrowseMyGear

    Especially if the song was older or a bit obscure.

    4. When the person you were downloading a song from decided to log off just as you were about to complete your download.

    Twitter: @3neas

    It was just rude, really.

    5. When you'd download an album or song and end up getting music by an entirely different artist.

    Twitter: @1kammy

    Like WTF?!

    6. Downloading a mislabeled song you really didn't know and misattributing it to another artist.

    Sony Music/ Twitter: @KaZaASongs

    And then being a bit embarrassed when you found out later.

    7. Having a moment where you did nothing but download mashups.

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    You never burned them onto a CD, just listen to it on your computer as you watched your Windows Media Player's screen in a trance.

    8. Being able to detect a fake file based on the size and number of sharers.

    Twitter: @truckski

    Or sometimes just 'cause you had been burned before and new which files were bogus.

    9. Or taking a chance on a download 'cause of the way it the file was named.

    Twitter: @desusnice

    Seemed legit.

    10. Downloading a version of song that had been clearly ripped from the radio.

    Twitter: @Ms_Faith

    So many BBC 2 exclusive premieres.

    11. Loading up your download queue, going to bed, and praying that that shit didn’t time out by the morning.

    Twitter: @denise8701

    Eight hours felt about right to download about two dozen songs.

    12. Getting pissed if your computer crashed or shut down while you were trying to download songs.

    And immediately hoping you got at least a few tracks downloaded before that happened.

    13. Having more than a few MP3s that were assigned to some really random genres.

    Twitter: @madmarsrocks

    And never really figuring out how to correct it.

    14. Trying to download a porn video and having it turn out to be a clip from a TV show or movie. Twitter: @SaadIlamdin

    Nothing worse than opening a file that took three hours to download and finding it was a shitty clip from Survivor.

    15. Trying to download a brand new album and not finding it.

    "Like the album has been out for six hours...why hasn't anyone uploaded the entire thing yet?"

    16. Downloading an MP3 only to hear Bill Clinton saying, "I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman."

    As soon you heard "I di..." you were pissed.

    17. And finally, downloading so many viruses that your computer just crashed.

    Twitter: @SoulStealer2011

    Then having to find a lie to tell your parents as to why the computer died.

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