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This Kitchen Drawer Organizer Is Every Type A Person's Dream

Mess-free = stress-free

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How To Make A Kitchen Drawer Organizer


Watch how to make it here:

Goodful / Via Facebook: 1272480059489124


Cardboard or foam board

Regular tape

Double-sided tape

Scissors or razor blade

Shelf liner or contact paper


1. Remove all the items from the drawer and measure the length and width inside the drawer.

2. Cut out a piece of shelf liner or contact paper to line the bottom.

3. Measure the diagonal in three or four places where you would like to insert your dividers.

4. Cut out the size of dividers you need from foam board or cardboard.

5. Wrap up each divider as you would a present. Use double-sided tape on the edges.

6. Place the dividers in the drawer and secure the placement with tape on the edges if necessary.

7. Organize your utensils by size, or by what is used the most.

8. Enjoy the extra length of diagonal organization!

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