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Let's All Appreciate Kesha's Airport Style

Queen of LAX.

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This week Kesha rolled up to LAX looking like this:

Porm, Rbra, Meku20 / FOXY / BJJ / BACKGRID

It was a reminder of all the stylish looks Kesha has been serving us at the airport...

Akif / Vantagenews / AKM-GSI




Backgrid / AKM-GSI


Backgrid / Vantagenews / AKM-GSI

From cute florals...

Backgrid / AKM-GSI printed silk suits....

Backgrid / Vantagenews / AKM-GSI a cute lil' bandana...

Porm, Meku20 / BACKGRID the classic all-black "you can't see me!" outfit.

Backgrid / Ramey Photos / AKM-GSI

Who do you know that can make posing next to the carts that people use to roll their luggage around the airport look so good?

Backgrid / Maciel / AKM-GSI

Or look so fly in front of a shuttle zone?

Mont / Shotgetter / AKM-GSI

Who can make the airplane times completely obsolete?

Backgrid / AKM-GSI

Who serves looks like this in front of the rental car bus?


Who looks THIS GOOD after waking up on an airplane?

Backgrid / AKM-GSI


Trov / AKM-GSI

She's not afraid to wear bold prints on a plane.

Backgrid / AKM-GSI

Or a tracksuit with cats on it.

Porm / AKM-GSI

Or a matching magenta look that's as bright as it probably is comfortable.

Backgrid / TROV / AKM-GSI

Or a look so very business casual we wondered if she had an important meeting on the actual plane.

Akif / Vantagenews/AKM-GSI

Even in the plain LAX parking garage, she looks like a bohemian goddess.

Backgrid / AKM-GSI

Thank you for giving us all of these wonderful airport looks over the years, Kesha!

Porm, Meku20 / FOXY / BACKGRID

May they never change!

Backgrid / AKM-GSI

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