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    Posted on Jul 9, 2017

    15 Things That Will Make You Realize Raising A Kid In 2017 Is Something Else

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    1. Your kid knows how to dab.

    thajizzle / Via

    2. Especially right after they finish a successful water bottle flip.

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    3. Your kid owns several of these.

    nessia1995 / Via

    4. Your kid begged you for the Unicorn Frappuccino.

    luciebechynkova / Via

    5. Your kid pretends they have their own YouTube channel.

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    6. Your kid snatches your phone any chance they can.

    luciaciji / Via

    7. But hey, they do know how to take a really great selfie.

    tatyana_leonard / Via

    8. Your kid uses Snapchat more than you do.

    9. Your kid knows who Siri is.

    10. Your kid strives to have moves like the Backpack Kid.

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    TBH, so do you.

    11. Wonder Woman is one of your kid's favorite superheros.

    winstonho1984 / Via

    12. Your kid is obsessed with Minecraft.

    dioviarodriguez / Via

    Yes, it's still a thing.

    13. And your kid also knows all about My Little Pony.

    ayumi_no_sukinamo / Via

    Yes, it's still a thing as well.

    14. Your kid totally rocks character hats and jackets.

    15. And, of course, your kid throws up deuces like a boss.

    milani.courtorellie / Via

    Bye, Felicia.

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